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The last (?) ride before winter hibernation

That’s right, this will be one of the last, if not The last ride we get in before winter really hits. It is getting pretty cold out there at the moment.
So fore-going our usual ‘coffee run’ we instead decided to head north to Deloraine and visit my sister.

Route:Middleton to Dairy Plains via Cressy & Longford.

Weather: typical Tasmanian Autumn – mildly overcast, some sun, windy, bloody cold.

Distance and time: 275 km, 3.5 hrs. Leave home 9.30, arrive 1.30. Leaving 3pm, arrive home 7.30.

Stops: Bridgewater for warm-up stop 30 mins, Campbell Town 15mins, Longford 15mins petrol.
Stops on way home. Perth, 30mins, Hobart 30 mins.

We woke to freezing cold, frost on the ground and some sunshine. We had the opportunity to decide not to but we rarely change our mind once we’ve decided to do something, and off we set.
The weather in the northern suburbs of Hobart was foggy and cold, and we were no already frozen before we’d really left, so a quick stop for a warming coffee. Nothing beats warming the insides when the air is biting. Crossing the bridge through the fog brought the word cold to a whole new level, even if it did look pretty cool.
Briefly warmed up we set off and while there were some (small) warm pockets in the sunshine, it was mostly cold. Cold air is one thing, but moving at 100km/hr + is colder still and I think we felt every last bit of it.

A pit stop at Campbell Town before heading off, this time taking a side road with lots of nice corners and dips, before stopping at Longford for petrol. Straight roads are good but bends are better. Loads more fun.
The final stretch took us back onto the highway then the back roads to Dairy Plains.

This map shows the main highway route rather than the one we took as it wouldn’t highlight all the parts I wanted, and then there is a part missing in the map as well. The route we took is from where it starts at the bottom, along both light shaded parts, jointing where the road number is, rather than going back to the highway.


There’s nothing like puppies jumping at your feet, a roaring fire, coffee and lunch to make you feel warm inside. And a good catch up with your sister.

Back on the road at 3, the evening temperature drop was already in its way and I knew it would beat cold trip home. Stopping at Perth, 4pm, for a petrol top up and calling home before getting back on the bike.

My body has become accustomed to the way of sitting on the bike and does not hurt so much the next day anymore. Mind you, after 5 hours of sitting on the bike and you feel every bump on the road. From tail bone, it rattles it’s way up your spine and vibrates into your head. We stuck to the highway and it was noticeable how few bikes were out and about. Hmm, I’m not surprised.

The further south we went, the darker it got, and I got that familiar thought going through my head. Now don’t get me wrong, I love riding pillion, and while it gets as boring as the car, because I’m not in control I still love it, and am always happy to jump on board. But every now and then I have this strange thought, “what am I doing one here?” The I would never have thought seriously about getting on a bike and yet, here I am, zipping along on top of two wheels and an engine, in the wide open space that is outside. A car will never give you this freedom, there is something wild and crazy and beautiful about being completely outside like this. Then, as it got darker, I had that same thought, it’s dark and here I am riding around on the back of the bike. I think it’s still the whole amazement that I have done this and am loving it so much. I hate roller coasters, but put me on the back of a bike at speed and I’m loving it.
And riding at night is pretty cool. Not sure how often I want to do it, but especially through town, I love it. I’ve said it before, but you see so much more when on the bike, a whole new perspective. And driving through Hobart, done it a thousand times, but last night was an eye opener, almost like seeing it for the first time.

Back to the trip. Where as I? Oh yeah, we stopped at Perth and then kept going til we hit Hobart. Crossing the bridge at Bridgewater (sounds really obvious when written like that) was just as cold as the morning, but we skipped through the train crossing a split second before the lights went on. Thankfully, I wasn’t prepared to stop in there cold.
Coming through the city, we took a right turn instead of straight through and then across a couple of blocks, finishing at Maccas for a coffee.
Now, this is a mere 40mins rote mum home, surely we could have kept going? Well that’s what hubby said, but we both agreed, we would have fallen off the bike at the house, and having a rest meant the last forty km was comfortable and didn’t feel like 140. Makes a huge difference to how you feel.

I write this on Saturday, it’s taken me all day mind you. We’ve visited friends, done some shopping, washed the dog, and getting organised for our road trip tomorrow. I’m going to love it, and will hopefully there will be some fantastic pictures to show you. A little big piece of Tasmanian history.
Friday was great, Saturday busy but relaxing, and Sunday… we shall see.
Have a great rest of your weekend, a happy Mother’s Day to all mums out there.

Jennifer 🙂


Travel Tuesday, only just.

It’s half past ten, I’ve been home for half an hour from the meeting that is usually 2 hrs only (it was super productive!!!), I’ve been busy all week and weekend, and nearly toddled off to bed without getting these pictures up and published.
Is been a while since we’ve received any, if you haven’t, or even if you have, please send more!! We Kelly love seeing them in the post.
On our way to the airport this morning hubby and I stopped in and got Kelly’s new batch of postcards on the wall. Which is interesting as most of these are from her herself, that she posted from her long weekend away. And it gives me a chance to snow some of you more of our beautiful state of Tasmania.
I may be quiet for a few days as I have my market meeting this week, at least one, a market to attend, a craft room to clean after the storm that went through, and all the usual family requirements. I do still read your blogs, I am just a few days, a week late, but I will get a round to it (and doing lots of ‘liking’ to share my love :-D)


Smithton, where one of my sisters used to live.

Burnie. A very industrial town.

Table Cape.

Campbell Town (which I have shown you before.

Cow Art at Ashgrove chessery.

A really nice one of Sydney from another friend.

And the best, as its Halloween, one from Transylvania.


Long weekend on the Dairy Farm…

Saturday morning arrived all too quickly and I got the kids up too early, then ran out of milk when I really needed that extra coffee hit.  But we survived.

I packed the car, pretty good at that after all the trips we’ve been on, and we set out.  It was cold, wet and windy and I was getting wired.   By the time we stopped at Kingston for a couple of errands and I was able to get my coffee, I was feeling well overdressed with jacket and scarf.

Next came the airport (for 12.45) and a quick stop at Macca’s before we finally  got on the road properly at 2pm.

Bored in the car - taking silly pictures of the kids.

Having the eldest in the front seat due to his broken foot meant the other half had to suffer the back seat – neither of us are good with that – so we pulled up at Campbell Town for a leg stretch and a driver swap.

‘A long drive’ I wrote on my FB wall – we’re definately back into being Tasmanian and ‘scared’ of the distances.  Funny after being in western Qld where 500kms gets you practically no-where.  But as we have some of the best driving roads you’ll find anywhere, it was a good trip, even if it felt twice as long, arriving in the dark and cold.

Sunday morning I am rudely awoken at 4.30 am so the two dads can head out for  the morning milking.   After few hours later I am woken again by the noises of small children to find it’s only 7am.  Argh, so tired.

At 9.30 we head out to the calving shed to watch the new calves being fed while in the other shed the cows are being milked.  I have now seen pretty well everything!  A trailer with a row of teats round the edge like lights.  The calves had already used this and were inside the shed.  The kids climbed the fence to pat them and I wandered around snapping pictures.

Checking out the calves.

Post Milking Parade

All is good on a dairy farm until you open the window or door and then – phew, peg on nose stink! – it really hits you hard, and for those with a weak stomach, the throat would constrict somewhat.  And the whole lot permeates the house – not a ‘whole place smells like cow sh*t’ but just a faint ‘perfume’ of something.  And it stains clothes.

There is something to be said about new life, the calves running around with their legs going all directions and their tails flipping around, silly looks on their cute faces.  But don’t get in the way when they are feeding.  It’s like feeding time at the zoo.  I got to see the ‘porta-teat’ as  my husband called it in action.  What a weapon, 45 calves all jostling for position and then nibbling on their neighbours snout when they want to steal that particular teat…


Porta-a-teat in use.

A change of pace after lunch as we head out to clear the orchard of the cut limbs and mow the lawn.  I must have looked a sight with bucket hat nad hot pink gumboots!  I also should have left my flannel on as I now have scratches all up my arms and they stung in the shower – ouchy.  But it felt good to get out and do somework, and it looks so good now.   Kyle, my second eldest,  got on the four wheeler and was dragging the larger branches away – loving it. You should have seen his smile 🙂 Broad that it was.  And a very smiley husband and his dream machine!

The 'heavy weights' helping us girls remove the rubbish.

My man and his dream machine 🙂

That night was ‘birthday dinner’ as hubby and I have both had our birthdays and our eldest is having his while we are visiting.  So a roast lamb and  chook wiht all the veg and a 3-layer cake was one the menu.

OMG! That was some birthday cake.  Mainly for my hubby, he did turn 40 after all.  A fantastic 3 mud cakes with choc slices on the sides and dug out to look like an open cut mine complete with diggers.  Golly it tasted fantastic, and I managed to eat all my piece too.  (No wonder I put weigh on this week, I joked that we would have to walk to burnie the next day to work it off, lol)

The mining mother of all birthday cakes.

Monday morning and my lovely sister looked after all the kids while hubby and I took a drive to Burnie, an hour away.  He had an appointment so we made use of the opportunity for ‘date day’.  I wandered round checking out the shops, before we found a small cafe on the Esplanade and had fish and chips for lunch, that came in a paper cone!  Not bad, even if my hubby was thinking on Perth time (two hours behind, lol).

Tuesday, the men are still smelling like you wouldn’t believe, it is not appealing or sexy at all, I don’t like beer breath, but cow smell on clothes is worse.
My sister and I pottered around and did a few gardening jobs, moved some of the woodpile, then after lunch we took a drive (with 3 kids smelling and looking pretty icky after being at the calf shed) over to Stanley, a half hour drive away.  This palce is beautiful, a small town at the base of a large land mass called The Nut.  A great touristy town, and the nut has spectacular views from the top.  We didn’t do it this time, but I did walk up and down while I was quite pregnant 8 years ago.  Couldn’t face the chair lift, my vertigo had kicked in, and walking felt like the better option.

Street-scape in StanleyThe 'Nut'. not the best picture as the weather had come in by the time we left to go home.

The 'Nut'. not the best picture as the weather had come in by the time we left to go home.

The purpose of this visit was so my sister could buy my son a piece of cake for his birthday!  We filled the quantest little cafe and took over 3 table between us.  2 adults and 6 kids, a pram and a set of cructhces with a plaster leg to get in the way….  the coffee was good and the lady didn’t batt an eyelid at all the scruffy kids and gumboots outside the door.

Wednesday morning and it’s time to go home.  I love visiting but going home is good.

My bed.  My shower.  My house.  Comfortable 🙂

Although I now have full baskets clogging up my laundry – tomorrow’s job I spose.  Gotta be done.

So my little sojourn to the ‘country’ is over for a few months at least.  It’s now back to school and the usual grind.

Til next time, keep smiling 🙂

Ciao, Jennifer