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Where are you, and what are you doing???

“In the kitchen, and I’m baking”
“What, you’ve got nothing to say to that…?”
“You just sound too happy to be a proper house wife…”
Such is the start of the phone call when hubby rang tonight.
Apparently I’m not sposed to sound so happy. You know what I say to that? Laugh, a lot!

I might like being in the kitchen, but he doesn’t. I was busy, he was on speaker phone, and “I’m going to leave you in the kitchen, I’ve got to get the charger…” And ran out the door.
His reply was to “get him out of there…” Ha, as if that’s going to happen.

I have a friend coming round tomorrow and I decided that I had to do lots of baking. I was prepared to make another item or two but suddenly got really tired….2 lots of biscuits (cookies) and a quiche (will do dinner duty for Mr 9 and I also) and I did all the dishes as well. Chose the better option of doing them now instead of in the morning.
I started the morning with beautiful scenery and finished it off with a baking frenzy….

Chocolate peanut butter biscuits, coconut macaroons and a bacon/ham quiche with seeded mustard as I had no fresh herbs…(hope it tastes ok?)


It’s going to be an interesting week. Mr 14 is at camp til Wed, Mr 16 will be at is girlfriends house for dinner tomorrow night. Wednesday night everyone is home, Thursday, Mr’s 14 & 9 have a student fee day before Good Friday (we’re going into town) and Mr 16 is working til late after school, so come Friday I’m going to try and sleep in before making some hot cross buns. Mr 16 is working most of the weekend and then will be at a friends on Monday/Tuesday and I’m yet to hear whether my sister will be down for Easter or not. So it’ll be either be very quiet or very busy. Typical. All or nothing. Then back to school on Wednesday. I think I’ll be ready by then.

At least I’ll have 3 weeks before the next market and there will some rest on the weekends… Some.

Have a fun week ๐Ÿ™‚


Birthday Baking Frenzy

This gallery contains 10 photos.

As you may remember, my youngest had his birthday last week and I finally got back ” into the kitchen” (my elder two love those kitchen jokes) to do some baking. I was requested to make several things. Mr 8 … Continue reading

Christmas Cake Trifle

To state the obvious, Christmas is nearly here and this year I decided to make a Christmas cake. Then I changed my mind and thought they would be cool as mini cakes or muffins.
All went well until they hit the oven. I had my thoughts, but now I know, the temperature gauge is fooked in my oven. Between the Fahrenheit on the oven itself and the converter thermometer I bought they do not match up and success is becoming increasingly harder each time I bake.

Trifle in Australia is a traditional summer dessert and is on many tables comes Christmas time. While there are now recipes to cover every taste and desire, a basic trifle is a layer of broken up cake soaked in brandy, set jelly that is chopped into squares or just spooned over in lumps topped with fruit, custard and loads of whipped cream. Best made or prepared the day before the allow the flavours to develop.

My little Christmas cakes didn’t quite work, slightly over done and just not right. So they will be crumbled and topped with a port wine jelly, fruit to be decided then the custard and cream.

My cakes before their transformation. They may not look too bad here, but I’m not happy. You’ll have to wait until Monday night to see the end result.


Enjoy your Christmas baking ๐Ÿ™‚

Italian Ape Cake

I picked up this recipe while working in an Italian restaurant years ago and while I left on bad terms – that is a sorry saga all of its own – I did love this cake and have made it many times since over the last 17 years.
It is designed as an afternoon tea cake rather than a dessert cake, but with today’s alteration I think it will more suited for dessert.
The original was made in a donut tin and topped with icing sugar, served plain. It it is equally as good served with custard, cream or ice cream. I don’t have any donut tins, so mine is square, and I will dust with icing sugar before we leave this evening.

Tonight is the Christmas bbq at Westwinds and one ‘condition’ for coming is to bring either a salad or dessert. I picked this one to make as it is cheap, not too fancy, and will survive whatever the weather decides to throw at us. Stinking hot, or cold and windy, this will work.

After a slow start, no, make that a suddenly insanely busy start to the morning, I am glad that by the time I actually got home to start baking, that I had pre measured all the ingredients and left the butter out to soften.

My alteration to the recipe is the ape lol, apple content. You are supposed to slice apples and fold them in raw, I used instead stewed apples, which would make the finished product softer and moister than the original.

800gr apples, sliced thinly. I used approx 400gr stewed apple.
200gr sugar
200gr butter
300gr SR flour (self raising)
4 eggs
1lemon, grated rind (I only grated a quarter of the rind)
Pinch Salt – I don’t use salt.

Cream butter and sugar.
Add eggs, one at a time.


Add flour, mix and fold in apples.


Pour into greased tin, and bake in med-hot oven 40-60 mins, checking after 30 mins.
Mine took 45 mins.


And baked, ready to eat. It smells really good.


I shall edit and add a post script after I get home tonight.
Have a great day, and enjoy the weather – how ever Mother N has delivered it to you.
Jennifer ๐Ÿ™‚

PS. Sitting amongst all the pavlovas, trifles, lemon and caramel tarts and plates of fruit sat my tin with its apple cake. I had to leave early to pick up mr 16 from work, and the message came through from my friend that she has my tin and the 3 pieces leftover. A success I would say.
My sister in law rang this afternoon to ask where her piece was and its name has mow been changed to Aunty Jen’s Ape Cake


Mini Series of Mini Posts.

Due to internet issues (sorted/understood but not fixed, don’t ask)ย ย I will be doing some short (mostly sweet) posts.
ย A paragraph or two, but probably no pictures.

Today, Mr 7 becomes Mr 8, and the dinner choice was hotdogs, using sausages over traditional frankfurts, and my Devils Food Cake, chocolate of course.ย 


oops, sorry it's sideways.

Off to bake my cake… and ooh, I just found the calendar for posting… this is going to be my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy birthday to all and keep smilingย  ๐Ÿ™‚