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Petty Sessions at Franklin. Scallop Pie hunting.

After reading some dismal and disappointing reviews I was hesitant to try the above mentioned cafe, but it was on my list and I would be in the area today.

While looking for coffee to warm our insides on a typically foggy morning in Huonville* we found another cafe that sold scallop pies.  In we went only to find they were sold out,  and we should go to Franklin or maybe their other shop in Geeveston (where the pies are made). Yeah I’m not going that far, so Franklin it is. Being only ten minutes down the road.
We arrive and order my pie and wait. Ten to fifteen minutes, pie arrives and we sit outside in the sun – the fog has cleared and there is a little warmth in the sun.
I’m not sure how they heated the pie, but it was burn-the-mouth hot. I waited til I got nearly home before I stopped to eat it. The cafe was deserted, and while it wasn’t toasty it was certainly warmer than outside. The two servers were young but friendly enough.

Their sign out the front makes the huge declaration of “the best scallop pies in Tas” which is a pretty big claim. Did it live up to it? I don’t think so. After only 3 pies there is not much separating them, but I still have (at least) 3 more to go. Check out the review page for my verdict.
As of re-editing this post I heard about one more in my area to try, and another should I decide to take a long drive/ride to get there.
Today’s pie.

Given the perfect weather but lack of time I didn’t get any pictures of the river and boats, despite taking my camera. I would still be there if given the choice. Maybe another day.

* a friend and I went to Huonville to check out a market we would be attending next month. Always good to do a little recon beforehand.
See my thoughts about it on the Marcato blog here and the pie review on my Food Adventures page.

Happy weekend 🙂

Postcards, scallop pies and other stuff…

More postcards have arrived for Kelly. for the “Office Wall Project”.  It’s really cool that so many people have jumped on board and spent a dollar or two to send one. I’ll be getting pictures to show off tomorrow.

Scallop pies have been mentioned recently and what did I see in the paper today, in the letters section? A picture of a scallop pie. So for those that don’t understand our Aussie pie, here it is, joined by the requisiste chips and salad:



I’m thinking of visiting a market on Sunday that I will be attending from May onwards and the closest scallop pie shop is only 5-10 km’s away.  I did a little research on said cafe and now I’m scared.  As one reviewer said “it’s consistantly hit and miss” which reflects what most of the what the reviews say.  Some are good, most are not so, and the prices stated are on the expensive side.  Thinking if I take this route I will do a reconisance first.  I am not relishing waiting an hour – yes, that’s right, an hour, as some people said – for a pie.   A review will definitely be coming up if I go.

On other news, school holidays have started so that means some sleep ins, yeah right. But more driving to and from for son to work.  He passed his L2 licence (very confusing, please don’t ask) so now we have to fill out a log book every time he drives.  I will be wrking on a new Wraptures collection and some chunky twisted chain and bead necklaces and multi strand bracelets.  Hubby and I are having a weekend away, and no I’m not telling until we go. But I can guarantee (well almost)  getting some good piccies.
I’m hoping the weather plays nice over the weekend as I want to head out and get some more pictures of things around Hobart, and the eastern shore in particular (looking west to the city).
I was asked to write a testimony for my Power Pilates class for the teacher to add into some new promo work she’s making up and while I was working out what to write I wrote up a blurb for her as well.  She loves it so will publish that along with my feedback.  We were talking about the class and decided it was education about what it entailed that people need, so I gave her my thoughts.
Anzac Day is next week so I will do some baking – must find something else to go with the Anzac bikkies. Or one of the 30+ variations I just found online.
I have at least one book review to write and post, as well as reviews for a couple of wines I still have lurking in my fridge.

I might go and make something, I just saw a cool bead that gave me an idea.
Happy Thursday 🙂

How to make a good cup of coffee….

Love it or hate it, everyone has an opinion on coffee.  Instant or the Real deal (which ever way you make it). Milk before or after the water? Milk at all? Strong or Weak (what’s the point then??) X-small to super large cups…


(I have been itching to do a post about coffee for a long time but haven’t had the right conversation to post…. I do now)


On return from my market Sunday I was in desperate need of a coffee, as usual.  I got caught up so hubby started the process – nothing wrong there, he has finally figured out how to make mine right (if he thinks it looks too strong then it’s pretty good to me).  I then noticed as he got the milk out that he poured milk into his cup, on top of the coffee and sugar, euck.  Well, that started it… ‘how can you drink that, when did you start drinking coffee like that..’ and so on.  He reckons it tastes better, or at least not too bad.  But then again this is the man who rarely has coffee anyway, so he knows nothing.

Personally I hate coffee made this way.  It dilutes the flavour of the coffee and makes it taste icky, weak and too creamy.  I even tell people when I visit, ‘milk after the water please’.

There was also the comment made about ‘it burns the coffee with water first…’ being cheeky of course, but I had to check it out.

To make sure we’re all on the same page here, this is instant I’m talking about.  I would love to have a coffee machine of some sort, it may help me slow down on my caffeine intake. As if!

So I google the idea of ‘burning instant coffee’.  And you know what…. the jury is out on that one.  There were just as many people saying it does as those who say it doesn’t.   And then those that say it makes the coffee bitter.  I’ve tasted bitter coffee at cafes that should know how to make it. So that must be a load of rot.  I also figure that it means my instant isn’t too bad after all.  Coffee is bitter by nature essentially, it’s how it’s processed, blended that makes the difference.  If you are of the milk first persuasion, then of course it would be bitter with milk after….

There is also the coffee itself to take into account.  There are some coffees that really have no right to be called coffee.  Like international roast.  It is the weakest coffee I’ve ever tasted, and certainly doesn’t give any sort of buzz, no matter how strong you make it.  Moccona is ok, but is a creamy gentle flavour of coffee.   Me, I like Nescafe Gold, Dark.  And on occasion, their Short Black.  Full, rich bodied coffee with just enough kick to keep me going, and flavour to enjoy it.  As for cafe’s, I am loyal.  If I find one with nice coffee I return, and make a point of going back for it.
We can also talk about the ‘branded’ coffee places (McCafe, not the ick they make at the regular counter, Gloria Jeans, Banjo’s/Brumby’s, Coffee Club (I don’t have a Starbucks where I live)) and whether their ‘real’ coffee is good enough.  I’ve spoken to some people who have said these coffee’s are just not coffee… and you have to go to a ‘proper’ coffee shop.

With the above, in order of good to bad (experience and local venues, and the ‘hit ‘n’ miss points) I would have to say G J’s, Banjo’s, Macca’s and then Coffee Club (as I haven’t been to the local one yet)

During my mini research, I came across a site called ‘coffee snobs’, OMG, they are serious snobs.  I mean everyone (who drinks coffee) is a coffee snob because (generally speaking) we all have a preferred way to drink/make it.  But these guys make a point of having to ‘put up’ with the office instant, or taking their own coffee pot to their parents’ and ask them to try a new blend so they ‘don’t have to say the instant coffee is crap’  And their opinion on instant… don’t go there!

Or what about the ‘fake’ latte’s – those sachets that you just add water/milk to…


Then there is the milk issue.  I only drink skim milk these days, have done for the last 12 years, so it’s the flavour you get used to.  Full cream tastes literally like cream to me, bleugh.  Using after the water for me, helps to cool it a little bit and add flavour, not change the entire make up of the coffee.  Enough milk to make it smooth and creamy but not enough to dilute it, or too little to taste like a black coffee.


And don’t get me started on adding flavours… I like vanilla in either a cap on occasion or latte, always a vanilla latte. Depending on my mood and how much I want need the hit.

I’m going to leave this one to you now… I want to know how the coffee drinkers like their brew… and even how many people don’t drink it…


Keep drinking,

Jennifer 🙂