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Come and check out my website!!

Hi there everyone. I have been busy completely sorting my jewellery and updating and tidying my website.

I have some more items to upload, but please come over and check out the new clean theme and all the pretties I have for sale – loads of necklaces and bracelets.

Don’t forget to share with your friends if you like what you see.


A new business plan

Ok, so I have written about new directions and so forth at other times and while this is similar, it is somewhat different.

I have not changed my mind about:
What I want to do.
What I want to make,
Or how I want to make it.

While I was in clean up mode the other day, there were lots of singular bits of paper floating around and one of them had the heading (in bold and fancy script of course) of: Where am I going?

As I read that I have a little chuckle – I mean, I could be going just about anywhere couldn’t I?   It says nothing about business of beading in the title,  so reading it as is might not make sense.  It did at the time, and that’s all that matters.  It was what I was thinking.. where was I going??

Reading further down the list – and it is a very simple list – I had more chuckles about what choices I have made in the last 6 months or so and how I have not really stuck to this plan.   Hmm, did I get all excited, write it and then just stuff it in a drawer..?  Maybe, sort of… probably.  Well not altogether forgotten about it.  Just not had it clearly on display where it was readily visible to keep me on track.  So while I have adhered to some things, others have been changed or altered and, well, they’re just not same anymore.

So I shall re write – keeping the bold and fancy script, coz even at 35+, we still like to make documents look pretty – and it shall be stuck on the side of the wall where I can see it.  Everyday.  And make a more concerted effort to work it through. Yeah, duh!

As a business, one needs to evolve to ensure survival.  I am now at that point where I know, (much better now) what direction I am heading and what I want to make, I can put it out there and change things as needed, moving forward.  The rest, as they say, will fall into place.

Meanwhile, all these new ideas will need a few experiments to be done first to see if they will work – heat proof gloves will be a first on the list of things to buy (gardening gloves will probably suffice though.  Gardening gloves + beading… really?  Yes, and you’ll hear about that soon enough).  If these great ideas ^^ don’t work, it wont be the end of the world, it is just but a small part of my bigger picture. No dramas.

The next few blogs will no doubt shed some light into my epiphany, so keep an eye out for the exciting crafty pieces that will be emerging.
I am excited about trying these things out and moving forward.  I hope you can come along for the ride and enjoy it with me.

Keep smiling 🙂

Progressive Sale at Marcato Designs!!

look out for my profile picture on Facebook

Marcato Designs is 3 years old!!!

On my Marcato Designs Facebook page you will see my Progressive Sale up and running.

How does it work?  Today there is 30% off everything.
Every two days the price will be reduced by a further 5% until it reaches 50% where it stays for an as yet un-determined amount of time.

Hurry on over and check out what I have… there are always birthdays happening, Australia’s Mother’s Day  (& who ever else has it in May) and if you’re one of those super organised types you can start thinking Christmas now…

Don’t wait too long for the prices – your special piece may sell before you get it.

It’s also super easy to buy.
– Simply comment SOLD under the item you like. *
– Send a message (yay, you can now msg on FB business pages) to me with your Paypal & postal address so I can invoice you.
– Australian residents can direct deposit into my bank if you prefer. Please mention this in your message so I can send my information.
– Postage if free within Australia unless you prefer express or registered post. My apologies to International buyers, you must pay all the way. Please request registered post if you want it.
– Postage charges will be the same that I am charged at the Post Office (no extra handling fees).
– payment to be made within 3 days please, or item will be re-listed.

Feedback is always appreciated, and a quick note so I know your items have arrived safely and in one piece is nice.

My glass pendants (and a few ring-ins (Amethyst, Glass stone, Chrysocolla)) going out at 2 for $30 at today's market. What's left will make it's way into the Sale album on FB afterwards.

* if you are not the first, you can still comment SOLD and if the first sale falls through I will contact you.

I will let everyone know as soon as I have posted items, please bear with me as I respond to everyone as soon as I can.

Happy Shopping
Jennifer 🙂


Hi, I have been thinking for some time about this and my decision does not come lightly.  As a small business with a website I kow that things do not happen overnight and that within 5 years many fail and disappear.

This is why I have decided to do this, to try my hardest and make sure I do not fail and fade into the business never never….

I am going to get rid of my website and concentrate on selling through my Facebook page and the markets (there is one available every weekend here, planning on attending two a month).

For this reason I am having a huge sale and trying to move a lot of old stock so i can start fresh with my new ideas and new media for art.  Currently it is only for this month, but I may continue it on into July as I find a way of selling from my Facebook page.


50% off (rings excluded)


and free postage for Australia


This sale is for real and I would like to hope my jewellery finds many new loving homes.

Keep smiling and please share with your friends,
Jennifer 🙂