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Sunday Brunch

After a couple of busy days with family and friends, hubby and I took a walk this morning which culminated in this delicious 11am feast with coffee.


Have a good day, see you next week.
Jen 🙂

It’s alfresco Saturday


Saturday morning.
Late breakfast.
10.30. And sunny.

Go forth and follow your dreams!!

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No reason to complain today….

Happy birthday to me! This 9th of August. Brunch with a friend and then picking hubby up from the airport! Can’t get better than that…not really. Well, mr 13 baked me a cake last night, and mr 15 said he’d give me a hug, nicely, given they are usually under duress, (I added, anytime I see you, much to his disgust, so its random walking into his bedroom, jumping put at him…) he does humor me, on occassion. Those that may know my son knows he is not a huge hugger. I have to chase him round the house…mr 8, he’s just, well, himself. Lots of hugs there regardless.

Picture is pre coffee so too bad really… Now I really must go get one, sort out kids lunches and get myself out the door to town.
Have a great day 🙂