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Alfresco Saturday – the morning after


7.30 am, rudely woken by 3 (still excited) boys
Damn it.
No alcohol involved, just busy, 10 year olds –
12 am Sat, 1 boy goes home sick,
2 am Sat, finally put my book down and turn off the light.
Feeling worse for wear – eating whole beans might just work 😉

Have a great weekend


This makes it all worthwhile

This is what happens when I leave 2 boys with my camera…. and with results like this, I don’t mind at all.


Jennifer 🙂

Bike time

My boys having some fun after dinner.
Doing jumps, and growling at the dog – who had a knack of getting in the way.

Happy Monday 🙂

Alfresco Saturday – road trip, Primrose Sands


Late morning, 17C,
Sunny and warm.
Coffee with lunch.
Primrose Sands, chilling with my boys.

Jen 🙂

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And so they must climb… but no pictures please

What is it with boys?
It happens more now than when they were younger. Mine have grown into monkeys.
They have to climb everything they find that is remotely able to be climbed.
Cannons are especially popular.

We took a detour on our way home from the cinema yesterday as I wanted to get a few photos and help rid 4boys of some sugar-high energy. No sooner had we stopped they bounded out and bee-lined for the cannon. Damn, I wanted pics of that! No worries I took some of them clambering all over it.
But my older two have discovered my blog, or more to the point, that I have one (and find it quite funny for some reason) and I’m now not allowed to post any pictures of them. They want me to ask permission first which is fine, but their answers will mostly be ‘no’. Hmm.

They all have gorgeous smiles and infectious personalities and I want to show them off, but respect must work both ways. I shall share a picture of everyone’s back instead. The extra one is a friend.


Do you post pictures of your kids, or is that a line not to be crossed?
Is there an age limit?

Jennifer 🙂