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Postcards, scallop pies and other stuff…

More postcards have arrived for Kelly. for the “Office Wall Project”.  It’s really cool that so many people have jumped on board and spent a dollar or two to send one. I’ll be getting pictures to show off tomorrow.

Scallop pies have been mentioned recently and what did I see in the paper today, in the letters section? A picture of a scallop pie. So for those that don’t understand our Aussie pie, here it is, joined by the requisiste chips and salad:



I’m thinking of visiting a market on Sunday that I will be attending from May onwards and the closest scallop pie shop is only 5-10 km’s away.  I did a little research on said cafe and now I’m scared.  As one reviewer said “it’s consistantly hit and miss” which reflects what most of the what the reviews say.  Some are good, most are not so, and the prices stated are on the expensive side.  Thinking if I take this route I will do a reconisance first.  I am not relishing waiting an hour – yes, that’s right, an hour, as some people said – for a pie.   A review will definitely be coming up if I go.

On other news, school holidays have started so that means some sleep ins, yeah right. But more driving to and from for son to work.  He passed his L2 licence (very confusing, please don’t ask) so now we have to fill out a log book every time he drives.  I will be wrking on a new Wraptures collection and some chunky twisted chain and bead necklaces and multi strand bracelets.  Hubby and I are having a weekend away, and no I’m not telling until we go. But I can guarantee (well almost)  getting some good piccies.
I’m hoping the weather plays nice over the weekend as I want to head out and get some more pictures of things around Hobart, and the eastern shore in particular (looking west to the city).
I was asked to write a testimony for my Power Pilates class for the teacher to add into some new promo work she’s making up and while I was working out what to write I wrote up a blurb for her as well.  She loves it so will publish that along with my feedback.  We were talking about the class and decided it was education about what it entailed that people need, so I gave her my thoughts.
Anzac Day is next week so I will do some baking – must find something else to go with the Anzac bikkies. Or one of the 30+ variations I just found online.
I have at least one book review to write and post, as well as reviews for a couple of wines I still have lurking in my fridge.

I might go and make something, I just saw a cool bead that gave me an idea.
Happy Thursday 🙂

The Undomestic Goddess – book review

This book is an easy read that doesn’t challenge you too much. A story about love, life and work balance. A super sized Mills and Boon but better, with more character development and less of the ‘risqué’ sex scenes. There is mention of Feminist issues. All a load of hogwash. I find those that are staunch feminists are doing more of a disservice to the cause than the quiet types who just get on with it. But that’s a post for another day maybe. It’s about being able to make that choice, and wanting to make that choice. Not sending women back to ‘dark ages’. It’s about being able to ‘look out of the window’ as the main character herself says. Nothing feminist about it. Those people think too much.

Samantha is a high powered lawyer in London, with an IQ to match, who has one dream. Becoming Partner within the company. She lives on take away and sends all her laundry to the dry cleaners. In short. All work and absolutely no life what so ever.
Then the best and worst possible thing happens, all on the same day and her world falls apart.
Escaping the world she currently knows, she finds herself thrown into a job of which she has no idea. She doesn’t know what an iron is, or how to do more than boil a kettle and make toast.
Her story of self discovery is sprinkled with a good dose humour and some of the conversations are hilarious.
Life is good but then her old life returns and threatens to ruin it all.
Will she follow her heart or her passion and skills as a lawyer with everything she could ever dream of?
A fun and easy read that to some extent asks us to think about what it means to be a woman in certain roles and can we have it all?
Me? I’m happy ‘in the kitchen’ a my boys put it. I certainly don’t feel degraded, used or any less a woman for doing so. My take on feminism is about basic equal rights and pro choice on everything, and not being made to feel guilty or wrong for choosing.

The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella (the author of The Shopaholic and more fun stories).

All book reviews are written as a post and then copied into the Book Review page. As you may have seen, I have quite a few books to get through. My next book will the The Forgotten by David Baldacci and then one I have on my kindle that I promised to read and review.

Happy reading, 🙂