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Black Swans

Today was the first sunny day in over a week and despite the cold, the sun was beautiful and the sky blue. Wanting to make the most of it I grabbed my camera and headed out.
I was at the beach when I had the most amazing experience. I was checking out the swans and getting pictures, when the they came waddling out of the water and headed straight for me. I thought they were going to actually touch me, but they stopped about a metre away and were surprisingly tame, not being bothered my presence at all.
They are incredible creatures, even with that great beak, and while they are graceful and sweet looking in the water, out of it they are gangly and awkward and waddle with their huge flipper feet.
I forgot what else I was getting pictures for, making the most of this opportunity and papparazzied (sp?) them, revelling in their obliviousness to me.





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Jen 🙂

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