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Come and check out my website!!

Hi there everyone. I have been busy completely sorting my jewellery and updating and tidying my website.

I have some more items to upload, but please come over and check out the new clean theme and all the pretties I have for sale – loads of necklaces and bracelets.

Don’t forget to share with your friends if you like what you see.


Love it!!
New look, new pages, lots of fab pieces to check out!
Share with your friends! 😀


Well, after nearly two weeks of work (interrupted of course by other seemingly important this like family and Art Trails) I have finally finished my website.
It has had a total overall: new pages, new products and a new look.
The only thing I haven’t put on it is a shopping cart. I realise that may be shooting myself in the foot, but until I find the funds to get a proper site done up or find a better way to incorporate shipping into it, it will have to wait.
For any sales and enquiries a simple email is all it takes and I can arrange the best price for you (and invoice via PayPal).

Pease wander across and have a look, I’d really appreciate any feedback you can give me (aside from any typos I’m sure I’ve missed) as it can only help in the long run and don’t…

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A new blog and other beady stuff….

Some of you may already know, those who are friends likers on my FB age or MJ as he was the one who prompted me to do it.
I have started another blog, going back to the beginning of why I wanted to blog in the first place. A blog solely for my beads and craft.
Finding a name was stupidly simple, and I now have blog, FB and website of the same name. So for anyone who is interested come on over, and share with any of your readers that are crafty inclined. (marcatodesigns.wordpress.com)
I will be reblogging some of my beady posts from here over the next few weeks but there is heaps I can say otherwise.

I am doing a major over haul on my website and adding more pages, making more categories for my jewellery. I was going to add a shopping cart but last time round it was a waste of money so I will be sorting out something else and any orders will receive a PayPal invoice.

My FB page will operate as usual although I will be sorting out the photo albums and other stuff.

Smiling always 🙂

my current muses…

My new header now features the ‘main characters’ in my new crafty endeavour, obsession.
Mixed media/collage/assemblage uses all aspects of crafts using paper, cloth, beads, and anything that can be stuck, strung or somehow attached to board/canvas or anything else. After my foray into it with the Circles Exhibition (coming very soon with a post to match) I’ve become somewhat excited and am busy doodling and thinking of ways to make it work.
I did make a few during the week and took them to the market (I think I mentioned that somewhere else?) to gauge response. Well, I sold two of them, and the other two I have added to – made them better. I know why they didn’t sell.  I now have numerous drawings ready to roll, and six canvases (2 large & 4 small) to start work on.
When I saw the large ones I knew immediately what i would do with one.  I had received a pre-made necklace of beads some years ago – cool, but not really me – that included the above wooden animals.  So I shall be working on an African Safari scene… :-}
There are 4 weeks til the next market. I’d best get to work.


Unleash the animal within 🙂

Beads and Bags

I have been busy this last few weeks making and revamping some jewellery items… playing with a few different things.

I have also made a few mini bags – very funky things, from a book given to me several years ago.  Such cute little bags full of character 🙂

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Enjoy, and keep smiling 🙂