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A day of Decadence

It started this morning with a gorgeous coffee full of cream – I mean, what were we supposed to do while waiting for the bead shop to open? Rich, hot coffee with sugar and cream.
After the bead trip we heady to Newtown where we wandered window shopping before hitting Sushi train for lunch. I like my sushi, but wow! What a selection and how cool is that concept?

Dessert was Gelato Blue directly next door where the choices were mind boggling.
All items are made on the premises, with real flavour. Like really full on flavour. The baked Apple pie, it was like I had eaten a slice, pastry and all. Pavlova, fruit, after dinner mint, banana pancake… I tried them all before deciding on cappuccino, Argentinian Caramel and American peanut butter brownie.

Then came the beauty treatment and stopping for a well earned coffee break. The best Vienna I’ve had yet.

The day didn’t finish there. For my last night with my brother (and in Australia) we went out for dinner at the local rowing club. Just beautiful. Even with winds and overcast weather the view is still pretty good.

I’m now waiting for washing and finishing the re packing of my bags ready for tomorrow.
The next post will be coming from the US, most likely Arizona. I’m getting super excited now, and it can’t come quick enough. There will be plenty of pictures to share with you, so I hope you hang around a little bit longer.

And if my boss is reading, I have posted two postcards already.

Here’s a look at what we did today.

Star Wars vs Harry Potter

Check out these two Adelaide brothers who have made a world sensation with their you tube clip – Star Wars vs Harry Potter
Great effects and these guys are going to go a long way.


While I work on my next post I thought I might share this little skit of humourous proportions filled with an all-Australian cast
with you all. My Australian friends will, or should know what this is about.
It’s been quite some time since I’ve heard this and with the guy coming to Hobart this week it’s been all over the radio.
The clip is not the one I wanted but for some reason they have censored some parts of it.


Jennifer 🙂

Monarchy or Republic??

Time to get political.
I don’t do this normally, and for good reason.
But this has got me thinking, (and a little researching) and I want to know what you think.

As we all know the Royals have another heir and its opened that can of worms again.
Should Australia become a Republic?

What do I think?
Simplistic this may be – if it’s not broken, why change it.
But more importantly, exactly what will it do for us? and
How will it make Australia a better country if we do?

Am I a fence sitter? Yes, and I am not ashamed of saying so. If I don’t know all the facts then I can’t make an informed decision, and if I can understand both sides of an argument then I happily agree to disagree.

Are you Australian. By birthright, or a 2nd/3rd etc generation immigrant,
Are you an ex-pat – of Australia or another Commonwealth country?
Do you live in a Commonwealth country or an Independent/Republic country?

Whatever you answer to these, I want to know what you think – having a Monarch as Head of State or being an independent country?
For Australians, which way would have us?

Tell me everything. I want to know.
The good, the bad, the controversial, I welcome it.

Postcards for Kelly


A call out to anyone and everyone, wherever you are in the world. Going on a holiday soon..even better. My friend Kelly has started a postcard wall in her office (currently only from friends and family) and would love to fill every spare inch with the little suckers. If you could possibly spare some change and send her one (or two or a dozen) that would be fantastic!! and I’ll give a shout out to any blogger friends that post one.
If you could share with your friends also = brilliant!

Please post to
Kelly E
C/- Woodbridge Post Office
Woodbridge, Tas, 7162

Ps. A few words on the back would be nice if you could 🙂