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Exhibition time again. This time it’s Wraptures.

A few months ago I received an email about an up and coming exhibition in a nearby town – 1 hr south-west drive.  I found it again buried among everything else and had a mini panic as I thought it had been and gone.
Oops, I have to get my registration in by the end of this week.  I nearly missed that one.

I only get to place 2 pieces of jewellery, so I have picked out my two original Wraptures to be my display, as something completely different.

Prices to be included have to allow for 20% commission on sales.  The delivery and pick up times are a little awkward for me given the destination, but I’ll figure it out.

Wraptures… 🙂

A Profitable Weekend

I’ll start this by hoping that all dads out there had a great Father’s Day and got plenty of cool pressies.  Both by husband and father were away (in the same state, just not the same one as me) so I had to ring them and have a chat.  Happy Father’s Day Dad, love you heaps 🙂

As you may have known from my last blog or two I was part of an Art Exhibition on the weekend.  When I dropped my 3 pieces of jewellery off on Friday morning and saw some of the other works – paintings mainly – I was nervous that I had done the right thing.    But the point of no return had been passed and it was left to those in the know t do the right thing.  Saturday morning arrived and after taking my eldest off to the bus stop and getting ready I rocked up to the Kettering hall to check it out and maybe do some ‘schmoozing’.

I bee-lined to the corner where the small glass case was positioned and was very happy with their arrangement of my pieces.  All the tags had been left outside the case in the positions that made it easy to recognise which tag went with each piece.  I had the middle and bottom shelf with another artist on the top shelf.  Her work was beautiful, as was nother artist who hd work in Dichroic glass – awesome!  I must say, my jewellery  looked pretty schmick.  A few people I know asked me if they were  mine and I chatted to several others.

After the short speeches and Grand Opening we had the obligatory wine and canapes – beautiful Tasmanian Smoked Salmon (from the processors, Tassal), local wine from just up the road , Yellow Point, (5kms from me) Beer soaked goats cheese, Grandvewe Cheesery (across the road from the winery) and sandwiches from the local cafe and Pub.

Of course I am not in the habit of drinking wine that early in the day, but hell, I was part of it and I was going to have a small glass.

Sunday morning arrived cool and threatening to rain as I packed the car for my market and made sure I had enough things to entertain the youngest and we set off early.  I was thinking of being early to snag a corner table to make it easier on the 7 yr old.  There were only 6 tables left in the middle of the room, 90 mins before opening time.  Never mind, as it happened, some stall holders didn’t turn up so we spread out a bit nad my son had a table to do his drawing on.

It was always going to be a strange day – father’s day so not many are out about then again there will be those that drive to family or have lunch out.  Either way it was very quiet – a sentiment heard from most stall holders –  but I hit pay dirt.  Kind of.  I sold a beautiful chunky bracelet and two of my glass pendants.  One of which I need to string onto ribbon and deliver this week.   My bags had some lookers but I really need to find a better way to display them – they were too crowded, but having only one table for each market means they cannot be on the table either… time to go shopping I think.

Back to the Exhibition at pick up time and after psyching myself up that there would be no sales I was totally taken by surprise when i saw one of my items gone!  Out of the cabinet!  I went to the desk and saying I was here to pick up my goods, was told, ‘yes, you have sold something’  Once all sales are processed I will get paid and am so looking forward to it.

The Blue Bone

For the next couple of hours you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.   Goes to show I spose, you can’t pick what will or wont sell and what others consider to be art.   I was asked if they would be seeing me next year, and it was resounding ‘yes, I now have a bit more confidence in the process and what happens.  will definitely be back’

I will now be working on my new pieces, glass, resin and clay items and the tag stamping,  my new range of Up-cylced bags and getting ready for the next market.

til next time, keep smiling 🙂

Ciao, Jennifer

My first Art Exhibition….

This weekend at the Kettering Hall CRAG (Channel Regional Arts Group – http://www.crag-tas.net/) are having their Spring Exhibition.  As a member I was invited to participate submitting some  items to display (and hopefully sell).   I was extremely surprised, and humbled,  by the request… I figured from everything I had seen from the other members I didn’t have what it takes for my work to be part of such a thing.  This, coupled with a lack of confidence in myself, meant I was certainly taken by surprise at such a request.  I did take up the offer – after much thought and discussion with myself – and I can now say that after this weekend I have been part of a proper Art Exhibition!  ~insert a little squeal from excitement~

I also had the opportunity to have a ‘trade table’ (selling items) for the duration but with hubby leaving on Thursday for work and one of my regular markets happening on the Sunday I had to say no, as much as I would have loved to go.  And a display only table was not an option due to it not being able to be properly supervised.

CRAG are a large group of local artists – jewellers, crafters, potters, sculpturers’ (??) aswell as numerous painters.  They often utilise a local Cafe (the Mermaid cafe: http://www.mermaidcafe.com.au/) for the work to be displayed and a few times a year they have Exhibitions and Art Trails happening.

I have never been part of something like this and am beginning to feel rather nervous.  Is my work good enough, will people like it..?  Will it sell, will I get any orders…? The usual thoughts.  But I am quietly confident that it will be alright,  I do regular markets and my face is out there for all to see.  I will roll with whatever happens and take it in my stride.   Of course I would love it if my jewellery were to sell, but so long as people get the chance to see it.  They have their Grand Opening on Saturday morning which I will be attending – all dressed up of course – and will hopefully gt to take some pictures.  Wonder if the paper will be there… (argh…)

I found 3 pieces that I really like and am proud of that I decided to put in, 3 very different pieces both in style and from each other.  Hmm, somehow what was written here originally got deleted and I have no idea what it was… so I will just insert the piccies now…

Art Deco Flowers

Art Deco Flowers

The Blue Bone

The Spring Garden

If you are Hobart or have friends interested in local art please pass this on or come and have a look yourself.  If you make the trip on Sunday, then please drive a further 5kms to Woodbridge where the market is being held in the local Hall and I will be in attendance.
A Happy Fathers day to all fathers out there for Sunday.
Til next time, keep smiling 🙂
Ciao, Jennifer