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A day of Decadence

It started this morning with a gorgeous coffee full of cream – I mean, what were we supposed to do while waiting for the bead shop to open? Rich, hot coffee with sugar and cream.
After the bead trip we heady to Newtown where we wandered window shopping before hitting Sushi train for lunch. I like my sushi, but wow! What a selection and how cool is that concept?

Dessert was Gelato Blue directly next door where the choices were mind boggling.
All items are made on the premises, with real flavour. Like really full on flavour. The baked Apple pie, it was like I had eaten a slice, pastry and all. Pavlova, fruit, after dinner mint, banana pancake… I tried them all before deciding on cappuccino, Argentinian Caramel and American peanut butter brownie.

Then came the beauty treatment and stopping for a well earned coffee break. The best Vienna I’ve had yet.

The day didn’t finish there. For my last night with my brother (and in Australia) we went out for dinner at the local rowing club. Just beautiful. Even with winds and overcast weather the view is still pretty good.

I’m now waiting for washing and finishing the re packing of my bags ready for tomorrow.
The next post will be coming from the US, most likely Arizona. I’m getting super excited now, and it can’t come quick enough. There will be plenty of pictures to share with you, so I hope you hang around a little bit longer.

And if my boss is reading, I have posted two postcards already.

Here’s a look at what we did today.

The ultimate pasta dish.

I learnt something the other day, well I tend to learn something new every day. One of my mantras, and not a bad one either. It’s so easy really. I digress, again, always.
We love our pasta here, in all shapes and sizes, with all manner of sauces (well, probably only four or five if I’m going to be honest) and I vaguely remembered it the other day when I went to make dinner. This may seem old news to some of you, but I a actually don’t make plain pasta dishes very often. Mac ‘n’ cheese is probably the most basic I make.
I started off with ham off the none, thick cut slices and thought I’d make a carbonara. Easy enough. Ham, cream, egg and the usual garlic/onion/pepper suspects. Midway through cooking the spaghetti I remembered the recipe I read some time ago.
the best Alfredo sauce. Now of course, most Italians have no idea about this sauce, they give it other names altogether, but the Americans, English and Australians love it.
I just went looking and although I couldn’t find the exact site this one is good enough.

What I ended up doing was frying the ham and some spring onions, then adding the spaghetti with a little of the cooking water.
A huge glob (or two) of butter went in along with the same of proper Parmesan cheese (not that powdered stuff) and stirred it all together. I did use a small glop of cream, just a little, nothing in comparison to the butter and cheese though.
My verdict? Divine. Mouth watering. Indulgent and heart attack food, but totally worth it.


What is your favourite pasta sauce?

Flowerpot – as seen through American eyes

This time last year my friend from Oregon came to visit for two weeks and I have now have some photos she took of our old house – inside and out. She is a fantastic photographer and has taken some beautiful shots. Enjoy Chris’s take on my childhood home. (And the ones my eldest took of us)














Good Friends are keepers. When you find the right one, never let them go. 🙂