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I’ve done it again…

Got my baking fix, that is.
I was going to say “here’s afternoon tea” but 3pm turned into 10.30, and it’s never too late or early to have a soft, fluffy cupcake or rich, fudgy brownie.

36 full size vanilla cupcakes with pink and yellow icing and a double batch of brownies done 3 ways – plain, dates and with cherries.

A post wedding post

I sit here, on an overcast Sunday morning, working my way through the second cup of the day (the first was inhaled, and serves as a quick pep-up more than anything, it’s subsequent ones that hit the sides) a plate of egg and bacon, and a slightly sore head.
No I wasn’t ‘sma-aaa-sh’t’ ad my kids put it, but I had a few and am feeling the effects.
Yesterday was the wedding of a beautiful new friend, at her house, ‘party in a paddock’ as the invite said. And it was fantastic.
Gorgeous setting.
Amazing set-up – tents that felt like houses, and a a rustic, country, but classy atmosphere.
Gorgeous food.
Great people.
And a great band – playing all the right things to dance to.

Initially I had the thought of snapping off some discreet pictures – nothing that showed too much – and posting about it. But once there, sure I took a couple, but it was all so much better than a party for taking group selfies, and arty shots of food and surroundings.
So I settled back, enjoyed the moment, and had a brilliant night.

Some of us met the groom for the first time, and most of us heard their story for the time – they’ve known each other (on and off) for 20 years but it’s only been the last couple of years that they got their act together. And what a couple they make. Along with her two boys, a beautiful family.

The afternoon started around 3 with afternoon tea and drinks, the ceremony, more mingling, canapés and mingling at the main tent and surrounds, then dinner, speeches and dessert. Finishing with dancing for those that wanted, or mingling around the heaters, lounging on the couches in the the tents until the buses arrived to start the homeward delivery service.

I had a great night with my friends but with one downfall. Hubby was at work. So to some, he is still the great invisible husband.

Have a great weekend,

Jen 🙂

Apple crumble slice anyone.. ??

I’ve been baking again.  We’re off to visit the hubby’s family tomorrow and I thought I would take something for afternoon tea (as you do) and got to thinking… what have I got in the cupboard..??

Never mind the cupboard I have a tub of stewed apples in the fridge I am working my way through. I was going to make a pie originally, but this is better.

So out comes one of my favourite recipe books as I know exactly what I want.  The Apple Crumble Custard Slice.  A bit of a mouthful maybe, but definitely not too much when eating 🙂

It’s a 3-stage recipe and I stuffed up once or twice, but lesson learned I know how to fix it.

Part one is the base – flour, sugar, egg yolk and a bit of water.

Once mixed you roll it to fit the pan and then blind bake for half an hour then cool.

pastry rolled, ready to trim and bake

Part two is cooking the apples and making the custard.
Apples were already done and the custard was cream, sugar eggs and vanilla.

My mistake here was to not have the crust come up the sides of the tin and a fair bit of the custard went down the sides and underneath (making the base a bit soft once it was finished cooking).
Part three is cook til custard is half done then add the crumble topping.

Again, I went arse about and plonked the flour and sugar into the melted butter instead of the butter onto the dry ingredients.

(Something happened between now and  a few days ago when I wrote this – but forgot to save!! Argh, so I have no idea what clever thing I wrote after the baking part. I was not in thinking frame of mind somehow…Let me have a go anyway)

Once baked, it is perfect to have as a slice for afternoon tea or served as a dessert with crea, custard or ice cream – or all three if you like, why not?!

Recipe is in the usual place up top there ^^
Happy Baking 🙂