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Weekly Photo Challenge – Family

I have so many pictures that can be used in many interpretations of family. and with rummaging through my old pictures I’ve found so many really cool photos. Fond memories that bring a smile to your face, and a chuckle or two.
This one is of our extended family at one stage in Mt Isa….

Such cute little babies.

Such cute little babies.

The best of all - George was just awesome (and  just a tad randy)

The best of all – George was just awesome (and just a tad randy)

So many, and so quick on their feet.

So many, and so quick on their feet.

I know it’s supposed to be one picture, but I couldn’t decide. Many happy hours were spent in the back yard with these beasties. I’m not a lover of little critters, but even I fell in love with them.


Weekly Photo Challenge – lines and patterns

Despite the weather turning cold and wet again we went off to town to check out the Tall ships that are in town for the week. While not getting may decent pictures I tested out my skills and the camera to see if I could get this picture. I quite like this, some lines visible, so a vague reference to the topic.
Jen 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside

A couple of pictures showing a different perspective of ‘inside’.





Jennifer 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual POV

This was a little harder for me as my usual MO is up close and personal macro style. Or looking across at something.
So unusual for me, is looking down on or up at. Which is how I chose to do this weeks challenge.


Weekly photo challenge – Sea

What do you find near the sea, but shells of course.

Jen 🙂