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Travel Tuesday, only just.

It’s half past ten, I’ve been home for half an hour from the meeting that is usually 2 hrs only (it was super productive!!!), I’ve been busy all week and weekend, and nearly toddled off to bed without getting these pictures up and published.
Is been a while since we’ve received any, if you haven’t, or even if you have, please send more!! We Kelly love seeing them in the post.
On our way to the airport this morning hubby and I stopped in and got Kelly’s new batch of postcards on the wall. Which is interesting as most of these are from her herself, that she posted from her long weekend away. And it gives me a chance to snow some of you more of our beautiful state of Tasmania.
I may be quiet for a few days as I have my market meeting this week, at least one, a market to attend, a craft room to clean after the storm that went through, and all the usual family requirements. I do still read your blogs, I am just a few days, a week late, but I will get a round to it (and doing lots of ‘liking’ to share my love :-D)


Smithton, where one of my sisters used to live.

Burnie. A very industrial town.

Table Cape.

Campbell Town (which I have shown you before.

Cow Art at Ashgrove chessery.

A really nice one of Sydney from another friend.

And the best, as its Halloween, one from Transylvania.



Travel Tuesday – lots of new arrivals.

It’s been awhile since I have posted a postcard post. Too many posts there? Ah well.
Some have come in from friends of Kelly, and two from friends of me. Or, more to point, readers of mine.










A beautiful card sent from Slovakia. I may just be having a severe blonde moment, but I haven’t idea whose tag line it is. If it yours, please let me know, and I will correct this.



And lucky last. A card from the Professor. An absolutely gorgeous building, with a little humour added in, on the back.



Tuesday Postcards

Time for another update. Friends of Kelly have sent her a lovely postcard from Vancouver, Canada. And a better picture of the whole wall. It is getting so big next time I’ll have to do it in sections I think.



Til next week, happy and safe travels 🙂

Travel Tuesday – Postcard update

After a bad start to this morning which resulted in me not grabbing my camera I had to use the phone, which doesn’t give me the same visual range. The post cards which arrived care of friends from past holidays, or given to them from friends.


And the wall as it stands now. So many people have contributed and it’s looking fantastic.


We want more! It doesn’t where you are, if you can spare a couple of dollars, and write a small note, Kelly would love it.

Kelly E
C/- Woodbridge Post Office
Woodbridge 7162
Tasmania, Aus

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Travel Tuesday – Postcards

This week sees a couple of postcards arrive form Kelly’s daughters, and one from Kelly herself – seems it turned up late, as it was address to my other boss and me. (I stand to be corrected as needed, I did forget what was said by the time I got around to posting these)
The Bali one is from Kelly as a joke…




Next week, a full picture of the postcard wall as it stands.

Where are your postcards?
What’s the coolest one you can find.

Jen and Kelly 🙂