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Love it!!
New look, new pages, lots of fab pieces to check out!
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Well, after nearly two weeks of work (interrupted of course by other seemingly important this like family and Art Trails) I have finally finished my website.
It has had a total overall: new pages, new products and a new look.
The only thing I haven’t put on it is a shopping cart. I realise that may be shooting myself in the foot, but until I find the funds to get a proper site done up or find a better way to incorporate shipping into it, it will have to wait.
For any sales and enquiries a simple email is all it takes and I can arrange the best price for you (and invoice via PayPal).

Pease wander across and have a look, I’d really appreciate any feedback you can give me (aside from any typos I’m sure I’ve missed) as it can only help in the long run and don’t…

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(oops… forgot the title, so here it is ‘updated’)

I have been rather busy this last week.¬† Not always the way I want to be, but, we can’t always have everything our own way.¬† I haven’t been able to read a lot¬†of my emails, or blogs, so next time you post¬†I will try to¬†catch up, reading multiples¬†as I get to them.¬† I try not to let them sit in my inbox for too long, this is how I ended up with over 300 of the suckers.¬† I¬†did delete many, but as I said, I will return and catch up.

Hubby was home so we took a day trip to the Airwalk (there’ll be a post later on that one), we helped my parents with wood and moving furniture around for my mum’s shop, I started on my Circles project (which got me thinking about something else again) and then there was the general kids, work and weather which wasn’t always playing nice, making it hard to do things we wanted to.

I have a market coming up this weekend which I have been organised for (for once, early) although I will re pack my boxes just to make sure I have everything… some things have changed.

My circles are coming along nicely, the finished product looks like it might actually look good!
This gave me another idea. And now a new way to move forward (I seem to be doing a lot of this lately).
I found that doodling with the paint, and playing with material on a canvas gave me another sense¬†of freedom to explore and express and be creative.¬† Mixed Media.¬† That was it.¬† Doing and making more items that are not strictly¬†jewellery or bags, but could be collage, artwork, wearable art… whatever takes my fancy basically.¬† And as I have resin, clay and stamping tools I can add all or any of these items in – this is precisely what mixed media is – to make some cool items.

This idea was first sprung when a good FB friend suggested I use some of my nature shots on cards to sell.¬† She is impressed by my ‘skills’ as a photographer.¬† My mind then went zooming about at a million miles an hour – as it does anyway – and soon I am thinking “why not?”

I have some more mini canvases that I am going to collage and take to the market this week.  It is a bigger market than my usual one, and going on the first one they had, plenty of people coming through. So plenty of feedback.
I shall become a mixed media artiste. lol.
(At least my business name will cover all avenues I choose to do)

So with that I must fare thee well, and head off to bed.¬† After the last few nights, and especially yesterday¬†(leave home at 9.30am and return at 10.40pm, with many ‘nothing-to-do’ gaps in between the jobs and not getting to bed for another hour)¬†¬†I am now feeling weary; and if I am to survive a busy day tomorrow and do my walk at a reasonable hour of the cold winters morning…. zzzz

good morning, good afternoon and good night, for wherever you may be ūüôā

A new business plan

Ok, so I have written about new directions and so forth at other times and while this is similar, it is somewhat different.

I have not changed my mind about:
What I want to do.
What I want to make,
Or how I want to make it.

While I was in clean up mode the other day, there were lots of singular bits of paper floating around and one of them had the heading (in bold and fancy script of course) of: Where am I going?

As I read that I have a little chuckle¬†– I mean, I could be going just about anywhere couldn’t I?¬†¬† It says nothing about business of beading in the title, ¬†so¬†reading¬†it as is¬†might¬†not make sense.¬† It did at the time, and that’s all that matters.¬† It was what I was thinking.. where was I going??

Reading further down the list – and it is a very simple list – I had more chuckles about what choices¬†I have made in¬†the last 6 months or so and how¬†I have not really stuck to this plan.¬†¬† Hmm, did I get all excited, write it¬†and then just stuff it in a drawer..?¬† Maybe, sort of… probably.¬† Well not altogether forgotten about it.¬† Just not had it clearly on display where it was readily visible to keep me on track.¬† So while I have adhered to some things, others have been changed or altered and, well, they’re just not same anymore.

So I shall re write Рkeeping the bold and fancy script, coz even at 35+, we still like to make documents look pretty Рand it shall be stuck on the side of the wall where I can see it.  Everyday.  And make a more concerted effort to work it through. Yeah, duh!

As a business, one needs to evolve to ensure survival.  I am now at that point where I know, (much better now) what direction I am heading and what I want to make, I can put it out there and change things as needed, moving forward.  The rest, as they say, will fall into place.

Meanwhile, all these new ideas will need a few experiments to be done first to see if they will work – heat proof gloves will be a first on the list of things to buy (gardening gloves will probably suffice though.¬† Gardening gloves + beading… really?¬† Yes, and you’ll hear about that soon enough).¬† If these great ideas ^^ don’t work, it wont be the end of the world, it is just but a small part of my bigger picture. No dramas.

The next few blogs will no doubt shed some light into my epiphany, so keep an eye out for the exciting crafty pieces that will be emerging.
I am excited about trying these things out and moving forward.  I hope you can come along for the ride and enjoy it with me.

Keep smiling ūüôā

I think I need to clean…

My creative space is always a work in progress and until I find just the right work tables that will fit my space easily then it will just keep on doing the shuffle…

the bag of grapes I ate whilst tidying up - that and many coffee's

Ok, so I was bored and took pictures of the grapes…

My problems:
–¬†the bay window.¬† I love the window for the light it lets in and the view but it has made those little weird little corners where nothing will fit.
–¬†there is only a couple of feet before the corner of the house so that creates another corner that¬†makes it¬†awkward to¬†fit furniture in.
Рit is through way!  There is a door on one side to the kitchen/dining and just half a wall on the other backing onto the lounge (this wall is partly the chimney).
Рthen the french doors (right between said corner of house and walkway into lounge.
– on the back side of the chimney someone has ever so kindly put up floating shelves (at stupid heights) so I am limited with what goes underneath…

But am I complaining… well, just a little bit.¬† I have my tall boy (large chest of drawers, not tall children, although two are taller than me…) under these shelves with a cd rack one side and filing cabinet with jewellery storage on the other.¬† Works fine.
Against the back wall facing the kitchen is my mega set of shelves (I was so happy when we found these, they are the perfect fit for all my beady boxes).  Next to this was a space that was a pain.  There is a double power point here which means certain boxes or containers cannot fit or have to look messy sitting at an angle.

before - a mess.

I was in a second-hand shop close by the other day and spotted the perfect set of shelves РI measured, ran home (drove), measure my space then went back and paid for them.  They would be the Perfect Fit! And they are.

after - in progress

I just need to find a space for my market boxes when they’re not in use… hmmm.¬† That is 3 large plastic containers & a suitcase, then two others with odd props and the like in them.¬† A lot of space required.

My desk, as always was stupidly messy.

new shelves, and an email stating I needed to take my trestles to market this week (guess what I use as a beading table??) meant I had to get to work.

My plan was to put all things from the tall boy into the new shelves and¬†utilse the¬†tall boy for all my materials and sewing bits… ah, yeah… that was a good thought…

will all this fit into the tall boy..?

‘Business’ things fit into some funky baskets on the shelves, then comes the fun part getting all my glass, resin, clay, and light tent to fit in the space so it is easy and I know where everything is…
Well, I got started, and by the time I went to bed was pretty pleased with myself… not for long.¬† I woke this morning to another stupidly messy desk…. now I could have taken the easy way out and just stuffed everything into boxes and been done with it. But I didn’t. Put everything where it belongs so I don’t have to back track later.

I was meant to tidy the table... I thought so. This is clean compared to the night before.

Now to get all the material to fit in the drawers… like that’s gonna happen!

ooh, look, more little jars to put beads in....

neat, semi sorted beads and findings

a clean and tidy table….

and the piece de resistance….

full, finished and looking soo much better ūüôā

I was going to do some more sewing tonight and get¬†some new¬†bags ready for the market – well one is nearly done.¬† Just a little hand sewing of beady fringelets¬†to do.¬† the others… nowhere near ready to sew even…

Now the table has sewing all over it, but that will be easy to move later on. Now, I best get back to it if I’m going to get at least one more done..

keep smiling ūüôā

You choose the topic…

This week, next week, and the week after… as long at it takes I spose.

I wont say I’ve run out of ideas, not at all, but I¬†like a challenge.¬† So what you would like me to talk about.¬†¬†Put my opinion to.¬† Go on.. stretch my mind,¬† get me outside the box.

Give me a subject, reasonably precise please, and I’ll do a post on it.¬† Is there something you want to know about me?¬†¬†Be as controversial as you like.¬† I will try to do justice to each one.¬† Not much is off-limits, but I reserve the right to say no (I hope I don’t have to do that).

I don’t just want a subject like, Animals.¬† That’s too general.¬† More along the lines of ¬†‘What are your favourites’, ¬†‘are you a dog or cat person’.¬† That sort of thing.

I can mumble away to myself composing while I sew bags, make jewellery, do housework and deal with kids.  A post a day (where possible) for as many topics as comes my way.

Keep smiling ūüôā