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New website launching!

my new website, if you could check it out and pass on some feedback, pretty please ūüôā (there is lots more work to do)


Hi my friends, I have done the hard yards on my new website and below is the link for you to have a browse.
For those that don’t know, I am looking at another web-building site that gives me everything I want, shopping cart included for a better price than my current one.

So I wasn’t wasting time for nothing, I have uploaded only 3 items per category, which I feel is enough to get people started on what will be.  I’m sure there are more categories to be included later, but time will work on that.

It is quite completely different for the one I have now, so if you’ve seen that one, be prepared, this is not the same, except for the colour scheme. Pink, of course.

The header is rather plain at the moment with just my logo, I will be working on that. I won’t say anything…

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It’s time to collage

and revert back to your childhood.
But before I go any further, if anyone wants to see the piccies of my cousin (with me) then check out here for the updated post.¬† ūüôā

These are the collages¬†I’ve done so far.
I’m slightly embarrassed¬†that a very simple, cack-handed¬†painting of circles actually sold, but this lady’s son loved, so off it went in its bright pink bag ūüôā

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Release the inner child ūüôā

Over thinking the process

When I first started beading and not knowing what I was doing, I tended to over think the process.  Try and analyse exactly what I was doing, getting something perfect. Following instructions to the letter, and being quite precise in what I was doing.
Over thinking the creation, the creative process.  It kind of made it more difficult to get things done.  Of course, as time went on, I became more fluid in my movements and  understood to just let the ideas flow.

So when¬†I decided to start collage I was all excited about the ideas and the thought of making layers and abstract pictures.¬† That was short-lived.¬† The idea of being able to let loose and follow my heart was exciting, but then it became confusing.¬† Should I do this, or that, what’s the right way to do it??¬† Collage is a totally free form concept.¬† Sure there are rules, but in essence,¬†there are no rules. ¬†Having an open book actually made it harder to do something.¬†¬† I had nothing to go with, no general idea of what to do. I¬† like to follow a few rules, and then as I gain confidence, let loose on my own terms.

My first few collages worked well. Both were very simple and look alright.  I made a mistake with one, by missing out the middle layer and starting with the top.
The mixed media project for Circles was easy enough, I had my rules (make circles) and time frame (1 week) so the construction was made simpler. I made it very simple and took the title as it was.  Circles on a board.

My new collage has proved to be the hardest to get going.¬† The sketch was easy, surprisingly it looked half decent. I got the base colours down and had the top layer sorted – my trees, a pond and of course the animals.¬† It was just the middle layers I was having trouble with.¬† I was over thinking what to do, and how to do it.¬† After a little more thinking, eek! and a spot of shopping (for fibres etc of course) I realised¬†what I was doing.¬† I wanted¬†it to be too ‘neat’ and too ‘perfect’ looking.¬† Not abstract with life and body.

Before I figured out where I was going….

Duh!! That’s where the above paragraph comes in – SIMPLE!!! or KISS, keep it simple stupid.
So, simple doesn’t have to mean boring, or neat, or anything, but to not over¬†analyse how¬†to do it.¬† I want a safari-ish scene. Easy.¬†¬†Desert colours, a small pond, animals…. then make it abstract and whack it all together.¬† Slowly coz I can’t be bothered to get out the hairdryer to speed up the drying process.¬†¬†I think abstract is the word and I now have a title for it which is cool.¬† Oh, I love it when an idea finally comes together.

It still needs some work to go before I am finished, but I am working on a wordy one, so back to the paper and magazines with my trusty scissors (and a coffee of course).

Over thinking causes complications,
keep smiling ūüėÄ

my current muses…

My new header now features the ‘main characters’ in my new¬†crafty endeavour,¬†obsession.
Mixed media/collage/assemblage uses all aspects of crafts using paper, cloth, beads, and anything that can be stuck, strung or somehow attached to board/canvas or anything else. After my foray¬†into it with the Circles Exhibition (coming very soon with a post to match) I’ve become somewhat excited and am busy doodling and thinking of ways to make it work.
I did make a few during the week and took them to the market (I think I mentioned that somewhere else?) to gauge¬†response. Well, I sold two of them, and the other two I have added to – made them better. I know why they didn’t sell.¬† I now have numerous drawings ready to roll, and six canvases (2 large & 4 small) to start work on.
When I saw the large ones I knew immediately what i¬†would do with one.¬† I had received a pre-made¬†necklace of beads some years ago – cool, but not really me – that included the above wooden animals.¬† So I shall be working on an African Safari scene… :-}
There are 4 weeks til the next market. I’d best get to work.


Unleash the animal within ūüôā