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Beetroot – nothing beets it

This is my father’s garden, and just like his father before, it is amazing.

He has the green thumb I’ve never been able to find.

The garden gate here reminds me of books about Peter Rabbit

Nothing beats veges freshly dug and ready to cook and eat.

Love beetroot!!

How do like your beets, do you like them at all?


Tomorrow is Christmas….

Not technically, but for us it is.
Hubby is leaving on Monday so were doing it early. We’ve done this for the last few years he’s been mining and I grew up with it when we had the farm (Christmas Day was merely a day off from work).
Some people don’t get it, and I had one person say they were jealous they weren’t doing it -no reason why they couldn’t I said.
Anyway, I digress slightly. After two weeks from hell for both of us, and a arse ended start to the week, we are right on track. We’ve both been super productive, not run off our feet busy, but productive, getting things done. Today is Friday, and our Christmas market is on Sunday, so I have been getting everything organised for Xmas lunch and market day. I just want to put my feet up and sort out my new phone, but they won’t happen til next week, at least I can call and take messages. Oh, and the photos, amazing quality. One hundred time better than the last one, “what do you do most of the phone?” Blogs and photos. This was the phone for me then, after taking comparative pictures with the other option. The old phone has not gone to waste, it has become a pre paid for mr 14 til we can get him the fang dangled one he wants.
I have been furiously baking and making today. Baking food (another post soon) and making beady items.
I have been having a blast with this friendly plastic stuff, and now have lots of little stud earrings, mini bling rings, and hair clips with cool colours.
The market is also taking up a lot of time, between emails, phone calls, making sure we have enough people (we are starting to turn people away!!) driving around to put up and take down signage… it is always on my mind.
My mind is a bloody mess, touch wood, nothing has come out for the wrong person yet.
I have my first photo for the Sunday short story, but know there is no way I can work something up in the time I have spare (which is next to nil right now) so it will be available next week. It’s an odd one, it’ll take me the week to work this one out.

I am now enjoying a coffee, the dishes are done, but I still have to pack the car (setting up for market tomorrow morning before I have a few drinks), make alterations to a top, make sure the fridge is roomy for food and grog and make sure everything is in order. Thankfully it is not as hot as it was yesterday. Granted, I’ve lived worse, so it wasn’t too bad, but still makes you sluggish.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my new beady things – bling rings and stud earrings. The hot pink ones are for me.



Next post – Food Friday, a little Xmas baking and our menu.
Jen 🙂

Alfresco Saturday – well needed


Post market. 5.30pm
Pre wine. (5.31, ;-))
Dressing pizza for family movie night.

Jen 🙂

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Alfresco Saturday – at home


Mid morning. On the verandah.
Sunny, but fresh with a little breeze.
Hot coffee and homemade bikkies.
Nothing better.

Jennifer 🙂

Slice, dice and bake. Recipe for an easy dinner.

Something simple for Sunday night. Picnic food. Lunch at the office… the possibilities are endless for this yummy slice. I’m sure we’ve all got a variation of this in our recipe collections, I know I have.
I had not thought of this dish for years until I found it in a new magazine I bought and as I do, decided I would make it.
I did change it slightly as I didn’t have everything, but it won’t make much difference really.
As mr 9 said, “pastry less quiche”. That’s about it.

Carrot, zucchini and bacon slice

4 rindless shortcut bacon rashers, chopped,
1 red capsicum chopped,
1 each carrot and zucchini grated
1 cup grated cheese
1 cup SR flour
4 eggs
1/2 cup milk

1) Fry bacon and veges (I added onion and extra capsicum as I didn’t have zucchini) til tender or 5 mins and cool.
2) Whisk eggs and milk together
3) add flour and cheese to mixing bowl with cooked bits and mix
4) add egg mixture and fold in til just combined.
5) pour into greased and lined tin – 20x30cm (I used a square one instead) and bake in 180C oven, 30 mins or until cooked.

Cut and serve.
For a vegetarian version swap bacon for 100gr feta cheese.

I had mine with extra veg and a salad, while I cooked other meat for the kids to have with theirs.

Bacon and veg:


Milk and eggs:20130508-172644.jpg

Adding flour and cheese, with a good handful of parsley and pepper20130508-172651.jpg

In the pan ready to bake:20130508-172656.jpg


And ready to eat, it smelt so good I just had to try a piece, or two20130508-172709.jpg

Here is a link to another version on my favourite cooking site,

Do you have your own version of this, or something similar?
No? Then give this a try, and enjoy, as it only takes around an hour from start to finish.

Jen 🙂