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Microsoft vs Mac

My boys love these. They’re regularly coming to me with the new one or making me listen in the car.
I heard this one today, and decided that as Windows people – never mind my iPad and the 4 iPods we have – I should share.
There are oodles of them all over YouTube, apparently the Darth Vader vs Hitler is pretty clever.

Jen 🙂

Back to the kitchen b*#ch!

On an unrelated visit to mum this afternoon she gave me this package, “I think it’s a t shirt”. Oh cool, thanks 🙂

I love it, (with a few less kilos it will look better!)

(I think I look just as crazy as she do too)

Have a great weekend 🙂

That awkward moment when…..(part 1)

Self explanatory….

  1. running in to the room starkers only to realise the blinds were open…
  2. squirting coke up ya nose…
  3. standing there getting dressed and moving out of the room just in time for your brother to look through your window to see if you are home…
  4. getting stuck in a dress in the change room..
  5.  you take a naughty pic of yourself with intentions of sending it to hubby only to forget it’s on your sd card…
  6. running out to the letterbox, I was excited about something supposedly coming in the mail only I forgot I only had undies & a shirt on…
  7. when you’re in the shower, your kids let your brother in.. I won’t go on there…
  8. your dress blowing over your head at a party when the wind whips up…
  9. the other morning when I swallowed a blob of minty toothpaste.
  10. A colleague of mine complimented a lady on her fabulous furry Russian hat at a train station the other day.  The lady said, ‘I’m not wearing a hat!’  It was her hair…

Thanks to my lovely friends… who attract awkward moments.

This has gotta get you smiling.. 🙂

***woopsie’s*** LOL