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Love it!!
New look, new pages, lots of fab pieces to check out!
Share with your friends! 😀


Well, after nearly two weeks of work (interrupted of course by other seemingly important this like family and Art Trails) I have finally finished my website.
It has had a total overall: new pages, new products and a new look.
The only thing I haven’t put on it is a shopping cart. I realise that may be shooting myself in the foot, but until I find the funds to get a proper site done up or find a better way to incorporate shipping into it, it will have to wait.
For any sales and enquiries a simple email is all it takes and I can arrange the best price for you (and invoice via PayPal).

Pease wander across and have a look, I’d really appreciate any feedback you can give me (aside from any typos I’m sure I’ve missed) as it can only help in the long run and don’t…

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It’s time to collage

and revert back to your childhood.
But before I go any further, if anyone wants to see the piccies of my cousin (with me) then check out here for the updated post.  🙂

These are the collages I’ve done so far.
I’m slightly embarrassed that a very simple, cack-handed painting of circles actually sold, but this lady’s son loved, so off it went in its bright pink bag 🙂

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Release the inner child 🙂

(oops… forgot the title, so here it is ‘updated’)

I have been rather busy this last week.  Not always the way I want to be, but, we can’t always have everything our own way.  I haven’t been able to read a lot of my emails, or blogs, so next time you post I will try to catch up, reading multiples as I get to them.  I try not to let them sit in my inbox for too long, this is how I ended up with over 300 of the suckers.  I did delete many, but as I said, I will return and catch up.

Hubby was home so we took a day trip to the Airwalk (there’ll be a post later on that one), we helped my parents with wood and moving furniture around for my mum’s shop, I started on my Circles project (which got me thinking about something else again) and then there was the general kids, work and weather which wasn’t always playing nice, making it hard to do things we wanted to.

I have a market coming up this weekend which I have been organised for (for once, early) although I will re pack my boxes just to make sure I have everything… some things have changed.

My circles are coming along nicely, the finished product looks like it might actually look good!
This gave me another idea. And now a new way to move forward (I seem to be doing a lot of this lately).
I found that doodling with the paint, and playing with material on a canvas gave me another sense of freedom to explore and express and be creative.  Mixed Media.  That was it.  Doing and making more items that are not strictly jewellery or bags, but could be collage, artwork, wearable art… whatever takes my fancy basically.  And as I have resin, clay and stamping tools I can add all or any of these items in – this is precisely what mixed media is – to make some cool items.

This idea was first sprung when a good FB friend suggested I use some of my nature shots on cards to sell.  She is impressed by my ‘skills’ as a photographer.  My mind then went zooming about at a million miles an hour – as it does anyway – and soon I am thinking “why not?”

I have some more mini canvases that I am going to collage and take to the market this week.  It is a bigger market than my usual one, and going on the first one they had, plenty of people coming through. So plenty of feedback.
I shall become a mixed media artiste. lol.
(At least my business name will cover all avenues I choose to do)

So with that I must fare thee well, and head off to bed.  After the last few nights, and especially yesterday (leave home at 9.30am and return at 10.40pm, with many ‘nothing-to-do’ gaps in between the jobs and not getting to bed for another hour)  I am now feeling weary; and if I am to survive a busy day tomorrow and do my walk at a reasonable hour of the cold winters morning…. zzzz

good morning, good afternoon and good night, for wherever you may be 🙂


A month ago I received an email from CRAG (channel regional arts group) about an upcoming exhibition in my area. When I say my area, I actually mean the town village closest to me. The whole Channel is ‘my area’.
Anyhoo, it is titled ‘Circles’ and you have the option of using their 20cm square mdf piece or something of your own size and creating a circle. It can be anything – painting, textiles, mixed media… so long as there are circles incorporated.  Or some arty new way of looking at a circle.

I picked up my mdf today after doing some doodling and trying to figure out what I’ll do.  Some of my clay discs were a little over cooked, so instead of wasting them completely, I’m going to paint the board then somehow attach them to the board.
I did a couple of doodle and couldn’t figure out which one I would do, so tomorrow I shall see if I can pick up another board and enter 2 pieces.

It is not a competition so my skill level and self-esteem will not be tested when I see everyone elses work.
Items can be for sale – but will incur a commission fee – no worries as I’m not even sure yet whether  they will be good enough to sell.  I may want to keep them as a ????.  I’m thinking now, that if someone wants to buy them, then they can ring me.  I have to supply all my details anyway.
My doodles, pictured below,  are not so good. What I see in my head, does not come out of my hand looking the same, although I understand what I am getting at.
(Doodles are fantastic, ask any designer, and they will have books or sheets of paper with all sorts of ‘pretty’ pictures on them).  Of course, what I eventually do may or may not hit the mark, or look like this.  But I have to be registered by Friday (16th) ready for the 29th so I’d better get my thinking cap on. And ask mother dearest if I can borrow her paints again…

The actual size of the board we are recommended to use…

The first part is done… now to print and fill out registration forms and get creating 🙂

Keep smiling 🙂

For one to Believe – it doesn’t matter how it is spelt – you just need hope & courage :)