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Busy busy but very happy

Thankyou all for your birthday wishes. I had a fabulous day. We are not big on presents generally, but I got a few surprises, which as very sweet. My husband is a darling! I got lots of hugs from m eldest son, who had to laugh as he is nearly a whole head taller than me! Yikes, how to feel short.

We got to talking about stuff (yes we do still after all this time) which turned into a discussion about craft room vs lounge – further than I anticipated – and we are now moving my studio into the bigger room, and making the lounge smaller and cosier. Right next to the kitchen so there is less running through my space… Post coming soon about the move! I also received my camera connector kit for the iPad, so pictures will be so much easier to add in now. Again, very happy! I think I found myself a bag … Lots of happy here at the moment!

I feel like I am neglecting my readers if I don’t post every couple of days, and I have many things running through my head on what to post, just not enough hours in the day presently. I am still here.

There are big things happening here over the next few days, which may get a mention at some stage. But first things first, rebox for moving ‘house’.

Mr 8 came home from school and gave me this beautiful note, very cheeky but oh so cute, and how can you to smile and give him a hug.

On the front it has my age, and the back has an “I love you mum”

Keep smiling 🙂


A new blog and other beady stuff….

Some of you may already know, those who are friends likers on my FB age or MJ as he was the one who prompted me to do it.
I have started another blog, going back to the beginning of why I wanted to blog in the first place. A blog solely for my beads and craft.
Finding a name was stupidly simple, and I now have blog, FB and website of the same name. So for anyone who is interested come on over, and share with any of your readers that are crafty inclined. (
I will be reblogging some of my beady posts from here over the next few weeks but there is heaps I can say otherwise.

I am doing a major over haul on my website and adding more pages, making more categories for my jewellery. I was going to add a shopping cart but last time round it was a waste of money so I will be sorting out something else and any orders will receive a PayPal invoice.

My FB page will operate as usual although I will be sorting out the photo albums and other stuff.

Smiling always 🙂

I’ve gone knotty!!

Certainly not nutty, I was born that way (damn it, now I have that silly Gaga song in my head).

I was in a bit of a funk this week trying to make myself a super long bright pink necklace.  I had the dyed pink Agate, the pearls, the clear glass beads… so what could go wrong with a simple repeating pattern? Everything. I tried too many times to no avail. Nothing was going to work. They are now sitting on my desk in a pile waiting. When they are ready to be made, they will call for me and I will then have my necklace.
I was wandering around the Chickenfeed (cheapy shop) looking for more canvases when I came across these gorgeous bright wooden beads.  I knew straight away what I could make.
Hence the start of my going knotty.

This is the product of yesterday. I’m very happy with the results.

Turquoise and wooden beads. 126cm length.

Knotted glass beads – 2 strands 63cm length

Mega long knotted wooden beads – 210cm length.

Ok, so this is not knotted, but wrapped loops and linked – ceramic beads with Swarovski crystals. Chain length can be adjusted.

This one – what can I say. Not happy.  Too chunky, too blah.  I was going to knot it, but don’t know what happened. Feedback is gratefully accepted – it will get pulled apart. How it is re made is another story…

And the beads that started it all.  I’m going to hunt out more and make a short multi strand knotted necklace.  This one will be finished with two strands in between the current lengths.  I just had to order more silver spacers to do it.

Saying ‘get knotted’ my not be appropriate, but I’m saying in the nicest possible way.
Jennifer 😀

It’s time to collage

and revert back to your childhood.
But before I go any further, if anyone wants to see the piccies of my cousin (with me) then check out here for the updated post.  🙂

These are the collages I’ve done so far.
I’m slightly embarrassed that a very simple, cack-handed painting of circles actually sold, but this lady’s son loved, so off it went in its bright pink bag 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Release the inner child 🙂

Bright and Beautiful: always makes me happy :D

The last 3 weeks I have been through a hard time and although my head has been overflowing with thoughts and inspirations, the motivation to actually do something was lacking somewhat.  I would start a job, only to do about 10 mins worth and then collapse in a heap…. but (fingers crossed) that time has passed and wont be returning in a hurry.
This week, given the good feelings, comes the energy to create.  And nothing makes me smile and feel happy than bright.   BRIGHT colours and lots of it.  Nothing like standing out among the abundance of muted tones to make you feel happy and want to smile 😀

(Like the funky top I have in white with bright retro patterns that I wear when I want to ‘fake it til I feel it’)

Polymer clay in brights – a graduated blue necklace, and a bright sunny yellow, rings in bright stacked colours, and donut necklaces hung simply on chain with sayings (wise words that are all the rage right now) stamped on them.
Some of them got a little overcooked, so I will make my own necklace to wear from those.

I’m hoping to make the rings and necklaces a regular collection as they can be made in just about any colour combination with any choice of words.

Keep smiling 🙂