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Alfresco Saturday – market set-up

I have a big fundraiser market tomorrow and today was designated set-up.
A beautiful sunny last-day-of-Autumn day.

Gotta have a coffee on hand for a job this big…..

Have a great weekend/Sunday.
Jen 🙂

Alfresco Saturday – Huonville

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, so here’s one I’ve tried before. The coffee through the camera taken by the phone.
Huonville, 10.30 am.
Windy, sunny, cloudy – you name it it’s happening.


Alfresco Saturday – retail therapy


Hardware for Mr 10,
Clothes for Mr 15,
Travel agent for me.
Time for coffee.

Jen 🙂

Lazy Saturday Morning (Alfresco Saturday)

There’s nothing better after a long busy week than being able to sleep in on a Saturday morning.
To let your body wake up when it’s ready, NOT
when the alarm goes off, or Mr 17 gets ready for work, but when you are ready.
You’re snuggled under the blankets, the gentle ache of yesterdays gym class evident, and you have no pressing issues to address.

I love these days.
And it follows on with a healthy breakfast and hot coffee.
How can you beat that?

yoghurt, cereal, milk, banana, maple syrup...Yum!

yoghurt, cereal, banana and maple syrup…Yum!

Alfresco Saturday – the morning after


7.30 am, rudely woken by 3 (still excited) boys
Damn it.
No alcohol involved, just busy, 10 year olds –
12 am Sat, 1 boy goes home sick,
2 am Sat, finally put my book down and turn off the light.
Feeling worse for wear – eating whole beans might just work 😉

Have a great weekend