Refresh and rethink

So much has been happening in my life, I’ve been all over the show since the beginning of the year. A lot has been going on in all aspects of my life and I’ve finally figured out a few things. Life has changed. I have changed. And my focus has changed on what I want and where I’m going. Adding to that is my starting of a full time job in the next few weeks that will be certainly change everything. Doing the 9-5 thing 5 days a week will be a big adjustment. I suppose that’s what kids and the husband are for – cooking and cleaning 😉 They are good for many other things…making me smile everyday is just the start of the long list. It’s been a long road, they are important to me, and I wouldn’t have them any other way.

I’m re-focusing on things and deciding what really matters and can stay and “what will give” as a friend recently said to me.
I love to do so many creative things – photography, writing, my beads, cooking even – that I have to work out which stays, and then there’s my running. It’s become not just that thing to keep me fit and strong, and healthy, but I a new addiction. I have to do it. I need to do it. And as with all things I get excited about, I do the whole ‘bury myself in it’. I have so many plans of where I want it to take me. It is my mind’s saviour. That complete and utter ‘me’ time.
Blogs and social media have had to be reconfigured so I can get the best of it without spending all my time having worrying about what’s happening or needing to update things. I want to be active with it because it makes me happy, not let it take over and be a slave to it.
Blogs are all but going by the wayside. I’ll be around, but in different forms. My personality deemed I opened a whole slew of the bloody things to cater for all my creativeness. The time to re focus which I will use has come. For the most part, they wont be used much. Only the ones for my market, beads, and running.
Facebook would be left completely really if it weren’t for the market I run that relies on FB for minor advertising. Twitter is just sitting there, minding it’s own business.
I’ve taken a liking to Instagram – it appeases my love of creative and abstract photography and connecting with like-minded people for my interests – running/food/jewellery/photography.
The two accounts are Jennifer-marcato and crazychickrunning for those who may be interested. Links for the other are on each.

Catch you all round somewhere, sometime.
Thanks for joining me.
Jennifer 🙂


7 responses to “Refresh and rethink

  1. I like Instragram, but there are a lot of pretentious, complacent users on there. I


    • Did you have anything else to say, it seems you’ve not finished.
      Also, there are a lot of pretentious, complacent users on all social media it’s a matter of finding the platform you are happy with, and using it to your advantage and not getting caught up in all the other rubbish that comes along.


  2. Yes, something has to give and you need to make sure it isn’t you, so take care of yourself. I’ll be dropping in to check up on you from time to time.

    I have started working full time too now and it is a big adjustment.


    • Yes, something will give, and I have to make sure it is not myself, or the family. This whole less time thing means the the decision I’d made about my beading before the job offer is more important than ever, and that I make it work. It is the other community commitments I have that will be the hard bits. Kids and hubby will be working overtime..
      Congrats on your job! I’m looking forward to it, and yes, the adjustment will be a big one initially.
      Thanks ”


  3. Was wondering where you’d gone. I hope everything is well, and congratulations on the job. Fitting it all in /is/ impossible 😦 Take care and don’t work too hard!


    • Hey, thanks. I’ve been quiet and thoughtful…or not. Just been a bit out there and doing stuff. Te job will be cool, like my current casual one only in a different location and way bigger (let’s say from 300 items to 1700, kind of way bigger). I do put a lot of pressure on myself so I will have to learn that with now very limited hours to myself and to do things, I have to work smarter, and make sure all the boys pull their weight.


      • Yeah, it’s that working smarter bit that trips me up. 🙂 Only kidding. Sounds like you know what you’re doing. I won’t wish you luck, just… have fun!

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