HNY 2015, it’s time for a break

I’ve tried to figure out the words to say this, going over in my head different ways of putting it out there. And most of the time what I am thinking would work, I just don’t remember what it was when it comes to putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.
It’s a new year and I have to pull my finger out, head down-arse up, knuckle down, get a move on. Basically make some decisions and get on with the work that needs doing. This blog has been unused for some time, I’ve lost interest in the banality as I’ve branched out with others – food, photos, market, and my writing – and even my crafty one has been sadly neglected.
What I am saying is that I will be taking a hiatus from here but not from blogging altogether. You will still find me floating about the blogosphere.

I have to get out, take more photos and practice practice practice. I love the foody posts, it’s my way of sharing a little bit of my state with the world from a layman’s point of view (as compared to proper food bloggers/reviewers who pick everything apart and can be a tad pretentious). The market page is self explanatory and my craft, my lovely beaded work I have to get back into and blog more about it.
My writing, I am really enjoying what I’ve been working on, and hope to get it out there in some form.Β It’s a work in progress.

But enough of that. A new year means new beginnings, new adventures and learning new things.
For those that don’t already follow and haven’t seen my photos, check out the pictures of Sydney-Hobart yachts I took this morning. Clicking on the picture will take you there.

Thank you to all who have followed, liked and commented, it’s an honour every time I see the notifications box.
Have an amazing 2015, may it be big and exciting!
Jennifer πŸ™‚

4 responses to “HNY 2015, it’s time for a break

  1. I took a good size hiatus from late 2013 to mid-2014. I wasn’t sure I’d come back, but I’m glad I did. For me, there were just other things I wanted to do besides sit in front of my computer after working all day.

    Enjoy the break! We’ll either see you back again or we won’t.


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  2. Sad to see you go, bt hopefully will see you in different guises πŸ™‚

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    • And I noticed you only just arrived too. Feel free to have a longer look around while you’re here. Thanks, may we meet again in another place.


      • I intend to; who nows when paths cross. I am sure we have lots of shared interests that we don’t even know about! Good luck in your endeavours for this year πŸ™‚

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