The Country Show

You will find them across the globe, bringing people together for good family fun. Complete with overpriced everything. Rides, show bags full of plastic rubbish and the best part of all. Greasy food and bad coffee.
The sights, sounds and smells all make the show what it is. Where else can you get an abundance of fluro and flashing lights, the smell of cow poo and food altogether, kids screaming and the strange people all in one place.
And as one friend mentioned – the toothless carnies trying to rip you off in side show alley.
The country show is the place to be for sure.
Yesterday was the Huonville Show, three weeks after The Royal Hobart Show (a bigger, but not always better version) and with two boys in tow we took the trip over the hill to visit.

All the usual attractions were in place but one. If only for photography purposes, I wanted a ferris wheel. I’m not a fan of heights, and the experience really gets to me (I’m not going on this for fun) but I will grin and bear it if I can get good pictures.
I was sorely disappointed, no ferris wheel in sight.  So I compensated by getting pictures of the more rural aspect of this show – horses, vintage engines, alpacas and of course the wood chopping. I spent many summers watching this and love it. Who would have thought watching grown men wield an axe at a lump of wood would be interesting.

And my favourite – the wood chopping.


2 responses to “The Country Show

  1. They were all good – glad I could see it with you! The Dalek one was really funny, but I liked the woodchopping ones, especially where he’s testing the blade! You really captured what it was all about.


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