How to Publish Your First Book in 1,975 Easy Steps

I don’t usually do the re blog thing, but this one is certainly worth it. Writing a blog is one thing. Writing a book and being published is a whole other thing altogether.
Love this guy and love his blog. So follow the links and whether you buy the ebook or the hard copy (when available) – just buy it!
You’ll laugh your pants off and wonder what, if anything, goes through some people’s minds.

The Things I See Up Here

When I started writing this piece about a week ago it was this beautifully esoteric piece.

It talked about climbing the ladder one step at a time.

How doing anything one small step at a time makes it seem much less difficult.

Truth is, that’s just not me.

I am  more a musically themed entrance kind of guy.

And so, after months of wringing my hands, begging for help and tons of work I didn’t think might ever amount to anything, I am ridiculously proud to unveil my first book.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing….

Cougars, Cookies and Construction – The Things I See Up Here


The first ebook created from the stories found here but with some insanely funny new stories and the only place to find the amazing final chapter of the “Dildo Factory” series –

The Dildo Factory – Episode 6 – The Return of the Vibrator


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