a new direction maybe…

I’m having a bloggy midlife crisis, or my blog is having a crisis… or I don’t know what, really.
I tend to be passive agressive at times. I shy away from confrontation, it takes a lot to get me cranky, really cranky, and while I am online I try and be less controversial and more happy and carefree.
My problem?  There have been things happening online, and around the country that I really want to comment on, but I tend to not want to offend anyone, not stick my neck out, not get any attention outside of my blog, so I stay quiet, and just plod along on doing what I do.
I never really wanted to write on controversial or the ‘hot’ topics as there is already so much of that out there.
I’m not interested in any sort of attention, because most of my arguments are simply what I feel, how I see things, not anything based on facts. So you could quite easily rip my opinion to shreds, and that’s where my problem lies. I don’t like the idea of people saying what I think is shit, purely because I have no fact to back it up with. That’s personal.
Is that a problem? Sometimes I think so.
I’m thinking of changing my blog, adding more of this, but still keeping the other lightweight stuff.

Part of this ranting lies with the whole feminist and anti-feminist issues. At the very core of it, the base meaning of the word, yes I am a feminist.  You will be hard pressed to find me vocalising it, as I feel the majority of them are doing their cause a great disservice by being so uptight about every. little. thing. There’s got to be a limit to how far you go.
And as the mother of boys, I am erring towards being a manist (is that even a word?).  Boys are young men are getting such a bad rap of it that they will soon be as frightened as what girls appear to be.  they can’t seem to be doing anything right.  If I had a daughter would I be any different, I don’t know.. but does it matter really.

So what I want to know is, would you mind if I got on my soap box every now and then and went off. I’m only asking because it is, will be, quite different to what I have been and usually do here.

17 responses to “a new direction maybe…

  1. I have no problems with it. I don’t have to agree with it, but I will enjoy reading it regardless. I do like the topic though about your young men. I think they do get a bad rap and I think it’s hard to be a man – young or otherwise – the way society is these days.

    So rant away! You can always change your mind if you don’t like it. Or turn on the option that all comments have to be pre-approved before they post if the trolls start making trouble for you.

    Remember too – you’re a good writer. So try something new. It’s your blog!

    Thus ends MY soapbox rant.



    • Thank you. And yes, I had considered the comment option too. Very handy that one.
      It’s become such a female-centric society that the poor guy is getting lost. He’s in the conundrum of being damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.


  2. Awwww…. midlife crisises make great blogging material — I should know, I’ve had so many of them. 😀

    PS…. crisisises? crisies? cr… oh never mind. 😀


  3. -hands Jen a gold-plated soapbox- Rant, vent, discuss, question – all are good. Life without passion is insipid. -hugs-


  4. I should go for it. Your opinion is yours, which is as good as anyone else’s. You won’t offend me, I’m tough!


  5. I’d love to hear you rant! It’s therapeutic, I think. I agree about young men getting a bad rap…


  6. It can be quite therapeutic/cathartic to vent our spleen occasionally this way, and not everyone takes it personally.


    • Thanks mum, you are still one of the few people I’ve heard say ‘vent our spleen’ and cathartic is it. It’s needed. I try and be diplomatic in comments (on other peoples blogs) but sometimes with the vitriol there, it is really hard to make your point.


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