And here’s the full article….

Part 2 to Monday’s post on newspaper editorial and advertising….


In the last post I mentioned about being in the paper and having to write an editorial.
Today the paper came out with the full editorial and my ad, and it included the photo I gave them. Woohoo!

Popping down to the shop early I flicked through to make sure it was there before I bought it. Upon further reading I noticed it was only. A half page feature (far from the “up to 5 pages depending on now many we get” I was told) and to be honest I am a little disappointed, and sad for the paper.
Disappointed that more people didn’t take up the offer. I don’t make a lot but I figured the small cost of the ad and a couple of hours to do the writing was well worth the opportunity to reach more people with my craft.
Out of the two papers I am…

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