I’m in the paper – Twice, Thrice!

Two local papers this week with a healthy readership ~happy dance~ not too shabby for little ol’ me.


Last week I received a phone call from a local paper asking if I would be interested in being part of their Arts and Craft feature this week.  After listening to what they were after I was “yes please”, maybe a little too excitedly.
Upon my request, as I was busy when she rang, she sent through an email with all the details again.
I didn’t think to check my junk box until Wednesday morning and there it was. Oops, could have missed that one. Speaking of which, “…thank you for taking part….blah blah…..editorial and ad, 200 words by Wednesday at noon so we can get your proof back for you to double-check it…” I glanced at the clock, 9.45, shoot, must do it now.
So the rest of the morning was put into limbo while I set about finding 200 words to write about me.  unless you have done lots of these, it is…

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