Morning Mugshot

I was approached (from here) last week about my love of coffee and if I would do them a mugshot…. Ah, ok why not….and jumped on board before thinking about it, then got busy and…. if you’re anything like me then taking selfies means many many shots before you get one you think is half decent….so I finally bit the bullet and spent way too much time with my post walk drink getting a shot….these are the only mugs I use when at home…small enough to keep me going, but not so big I can’t finish it…and they are good for cold hands in winter…..I have a super coffee machine so it’s the real deal every time, as strong as it comes….and the beans I buy are the strongest roast with a full flavour without getting that bitterness…I like a strong flavoursome coffee that has a kick in it….when I am out, now that is a whole other story….tall, with an extra shot when necessary, with or without vanilla, extra chocolate on top….aside from ablutions, turning on the coffee machine is the first thing I do of a morning…

5 responses to “Morning Mugshot

  1. -grin- between the cap and the mug you did a pretty good job of hiding. :p
    And I understand completely! Coffee is my second job every morning as well but I’m afraid I’m an instant girl, just can’t wait. 🙂


    • Thanks, I used to be an instant girl too, till I was persuaded to the dark, strong roasted side.


      • -grin- Aaaah. 🙂 I grew up with very strong coffee – you couldn’t quite get a spoon to stand up in the stuff but close. Once I moved away from home I also moved away from the strong coffee. Now I can’t drink it without being up half the night. :/


      • That’s how my brother likes his. I am now starting to understand the up all night thing, if I drink one too late it keeps me awake no matter how tired I am otherwise. Learnt that one pretty quickly.


      • -grin- Hate to say this but it just gets worse. Enjoy your coffee while you may! Ah to be young again. 😀


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