How would you react?

Loan car for the day. Very nice, but it's not my car.

Loan car for the day. Very nice, but it’s not my car.

They say how we react in times of crisis or when things turn sour says a lot about who we are.
It’s true. How we deal shows our true character, a strength in stressful times. Or not.
I know some people who fall into a big bawling mess and are rendered useless, then others who simply take a deep breath and move on.
Me? I have a few moments of meltdown, then it’s on with the show. Do what needs to be done.

Well, I was tested this week. Nothing major, all silly and minor items, but all together simply made my day a complete shit hole. Good day turned bad.

On Sunday I arrived home from a trip out with two boys only to be told that we have no water left (we have tanks and rely on rain, and it’s been very dry so far this year). At that point of the day, mid afternoon I was not in the mood, wanted to go for a head clearing walk and more than one choice word was spoken. But things had to be done.
Cue dad. Which made me feel bad also as he had to cancel his afternoon to help us out.
Water was transferred from one tank to the other – up hill – and by the time it was done, it was getting dark. I’m not a fan of walking in the dark, especially on my own, but by then I really needed to do it, and I’m glad I did. That 5k felt like a walk in the park.

Monday morning I leave early, needing to deliver the car for a service and pick up my loan car. Nice car, drove well, a bit cramped compared to mine, but easy none the less. I could actually get used to driving this one.
I’m in a car park, ready for an appointment, and it decides to lock it self when I get out.
With everything on the front seat. Wallet, phone. Car keys.
Panicked attempts at opening all doors, more choice words “really?!” and then pop into a shop and ask to borrow the phone.
An hour later someone arrives and unlocks the car. Needless to say the keys stayed in my pocket each time I left the vehicle thereafter.

~ $20-and-an-hour-and-a-half-of-my-life-that-I-won’t-get-back later ~

Eating a super late lunch and looking for my parking ticket.
Not in my bag.
Not in my pockets.
Not in my wallet.

More choice words and very nearly emptying said bag all over cafe table.
To the car park, ticket is on the seat.
Down 8 flights of stairs.
Not enough money. By 50 cents.
Back up 8 flights of stairs.
Grab wallet, for credit card.
Everything is sticky coz my drink leaked. No wet wipes or tissues to clean it up.
Down 8 flights of stairs.
Machine won’t take card,
Machine at the service window won’t work while someone is on the phone.
Ten minutes later…. “You’re not in a hurry are you..?”
“Nope” by now there is no point even feeling annoyed.
Back up 8 flights of stairs – no lift? Every time I went past it was on the wrong floor, quicker to go the stairs.

Finally back out and heading to pick up my car.
A minor issue with the bill, but even with that sorted, it was still cheaper than expected. Finally.
“And here’s your chocolate for the trip home..” Yep, I take my car for a service and not only do they bath and vacuum it, they give me chocolates.

Driving through town, I scoff those chocolates so quickly I end up with indigestion. By the time I picked up two kids, organised the third to put some food on for dinner and we get home, I am ready to crawl into bed and hibernate. Partly because I now have a stupid scratchy throat that feels like I’m about to hack up a lung when I cough.

But, my kids still make me laugh and my friends are good to me.

How do I react. Not too badly, in my head I’m going nuts, outwardly I choose to get on with it.
And today was a new day.
Tomorrow is hump day again, and hubby is on his way home. Think I might ask for an extra cuddle this time.
Jen šŸ™‚

4 responses to “How would you react?

  1. *laughing* Oh, Jen! That’s tough. We all have times like that. Did you say “dadblameit”? That helps.


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