Sentimental Sunday.

I took a wander down memory lane today, and had to marvel at what we’ve done, where we’ve been and how things change irrevocably, but stay the same.
I’m a new person to what I was back in 2004, but I’m also the same. The stuff inside has changed but the person I was back then, at 30 and a new mum for the third time, is still hanging around. I look at pictures of my husband, my kids and see the same beautiful smiles, their souls peeking through, even in the baby.
This is dangerous ground I’m walking on. Do I get stuck in what was, or use it as motivation for change. The photos show how things were, in all their brutal honesty. Fun, laughter, cranky mum, dad working all the time…fun with friends and what a crazy household we had, still have.
Carefree and fancy free. Even with three kids in tow.
I could go further back to pre kids and super young couple-dom. We’re talking under ages 23/25 here. There are plenty of photos from back then, all printed and falling apart. Now those were the days. Or were they? We didn’t know any better, young, naive and fresh-faced. Not totally ready to join the rat race.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not unhappy with that we have. Our kids are growing up, starting to fend for themselves, and we are able to get that couple-dom back.
It’s a glorious feeling!
What we have and who we are is a sum of all that has gone before. I wouldn’t give that up for the world.

After 11 weeks apart. The day I rocked into town with the kids, after two days on a train. Dec 2006.

After 11 weeks apart. The day I rocked into town with the kids, after two days on a train. Dec 2006.


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