Since when do you drink tea??

Those words have been spoken to me more than once over the last few days, and I have to think, Why? Am I really that stuck on coffee that people don’t think I can drink anything else?
And as I’ve said, “only when I have a cold, or a sore throat” – which thankfully isn’t that often.
Don’t get me wrong, when I visit a particular friend, all I drink is tea, she makes a mean cup. But for everyone else, I’m the coffee whore.
My tea of choice with a sore throat.
Basic tea bag + honey lemon tea bag mix. Taken black with sugar. And it is quite nice.
But I sure miss my coffee.

What do you drink when you have a cold coming or a sore throat?

12 responses to “Since when do you drink tea??

  1. Usually I’ll go with fruit juice. But I really hate having to drink anything in that sort of situation!


  2. lol You cracked me up–a coffee whore. I started drinking coffee when I was four years old an drink about one pot of coffee a day at home plus my Starbuck visits. What do you call the male version?

    I do drink tea once in awhile. My wife thinks it is good for some ailments.


    • Four is pretty early, what made you start?
      Coffee whore, I’m just easy for it, that’s all. The male version would be the same I spose.
      I don’t kind tea, just prefer coffee.


  3. In a mug place a piece of fresh ginger root, a teaspoon of honey, some squeezes of fresh lemon juice, pour on hot water, drink. I swear by this for colds and sore throats! It probably doesn’t actually make them go away any quicker, but it just feels so soothing and healing when you drink it.


    • Sounds good, I’m really not a ginger fan, especially as a pice like this, but might be game to try it. Soothing is the word, makes you feel like you’re fixing it. I heard recently too that fresh pineapple juice helps too. Pity they’re not in season now, I don’t think the canned variety will do me any good.


  4. Orange juice in the vein hope it will go away.


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