What Color is Your Rose?

What colour is your rose?
Cute article about what the colour of the rose means…be careful, be very careful….

The Müscleheaded Blog

do I never was someone who enjoyed the art of conversation all that much.

— for me, writing is better.

Writing gives you time to think-
time to compose —
time to edit.

Face to face conversation is more of extempore kinda thing —
…. and I’m just not all that glib.

when there’s something really important to say–

I’m sorry“,
I love you“,
Yes, there’s a reason that kid looks like me“,
I miss you“,
“I’m sorry I ignored the safe-word last night“,
I lust you“,
I hated the guy, but I’m sorry your Daddy is dead“,
……….. or just a simple
I fucked up bigtime” ——

Well, in those times, I admit it — I’ll often let flowers do my talking.

Not just flowers, mind you — Roses .

And while it took me…

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3 responses to “What Color is Your Rose?

  1. Thanks for the reblog — and I love that warning !!! 😀


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