The Blogging Conversation.

The conversation that is blogging. The conversation between you and one, or one hundred. Would you ignore people face to face? So why do you ignore people online?

Think about it this way.
You’re in the middle of the room, surrounded by people, some you know, some you don’t. You’re telling a story, showing photos, a video, singing… whatever it is you do. When it’s ended you either get crickets, or applause. And then come the questions and comments. What do you do now?
Would you ignore people who have just spoken to you, or reply with a smile, thanks or shake their hand?
You may end up with a huge crowd and spend a long time listening – as they tell you their story that was like yours, show their own pictures or do their imitation of you. It may take a awhile, but would you ignore these folks who have taken the time to comment or reply to them. Do you feel good doing that?

A smile is easy, and makes the commenter feel worthy, appreciated. A reply as necessary, or even just a thanks, makes you look more approachable. More likely to have repeat custom. And we all want that, right?

So when we are blogging, no matter what we have to say, when others take the time to comment, it is basic manners to reply in some way. Maybe not every time, but enough to show that yes, they are appreciated, and you are happy they came along to check out your world.
Would you slam the door on someone who just wanted to say hello. Or tell you they liked something you wrote or took a picture of, so why do you not write at a minimum, a couple of words of thanks.
At the very least a smiley 😀

I have not gone back into the rooms of several bloggers for this very reason. I don’t always comment on blogs but when I do I like some kind of response that shows 1) you have read my comment and 2) appreciate my time and/or comment. This makes me feel welcome to come back, to share parts of your world.
I have asked several bloggers about this very incident, and barely got a response. Except to say how busy they are and they get so many comments it’s hard to keep up. I get that, but not bothering at all to acknowledge is quite rude. As in, not responding to anyone. Or maybe 1 out of 20.
Sure it’s your blog, your rules, but we’re talking basic manners, etiquette here. Nothing that hard or complicated.
Kind of like that conversation the hall, and then when you’re finished just walking out and leaving people to talk among themselves. I’m so busy I don’t have time to talk to you but I find time to trawl the internet and write blogs. Yeah real nice, blogger, real nice.

Getting Freshly Pressed I can understand the influx of commenters to reply to, but as I’ve seen, there has been the general post-FP post thanking everyone and saying they’ll be trundling through comments as they can.

Personally, with my blogs. I get busy but provided I have written something I always make time to get back and respond. And give the benefit of the doubt to others if they take a while to respond.

Now, do I get crickets or applause..?

17 responses to “The Blogging Conversation.

  1. I love your post and totally agree with it. If I’ve taken time to leave a comment, I appreciate a small acknowledgement of it. Except for public figures (like Pioneer Woman), I look at blogs as friendships and it’s a two-way street. And I enjoy those friendships, such as the one I’ve had with you. It’s fun! We visit with each other, read each others news, and encourage each other.

    I love how you put this out there. Good for you!



  2. I totally get that — sometimes you feel like a post was never even read.


  3. Definitely applause!


  4. A big applause! I so agree.


  5. I reply to every comment in my boring blog. lol it is easy for me.

    I agree with you—it is the right thing to do.


    • It’s pretty easy for me too, I have to stop myself from replying straight away if they come in right on bed time. I’m a shocker for wanting to reply ASAP. And there are no boring blogs, just something for everyone.


  6. Yes yes! Totally agree. I find it really rude if people don’t reply to comments. That’s exactly how I feel, you wouldn’t ignore someone who spoke to you in real, so why online? I always reply to everyone on my blog (unless I’ve accidentally missed their comment, or there is one individual who I have a specific reason for not replying to but that’s another story!). And it isn’t necessarily the ones who get the most comments who don’t reply.

    I have occasionally seen some people have a bit of text on their blog, or on an individual post, saying that they don’t have time to reply to all comments but they do read and appreciate all the comments, so then fair enough, they’ve said it, and we know not to necessarily expect a reply, but otherwise, it’s easy to feel slighted if our comment doesn’t get a reply, especially when they’ve replied to some.


    • The only time I’ve not commented is when they’ve gone to spam and even then I was told about it so I could rescue and rectify it.
      I agree it isn’t necessarily those with the most comments who don’t reply, really, how hard is it?
      I’m not sure I totally agree with just posting up text to say you probably won’t get a reply, again, isn’t that being a bit lazy, kind of a cop out.


      • Maybe, at least though if people are aware beforehand then they can make a more informed decision about whether to leave a comment or not.

        There was one blog ages ago that I had been recommended by another blogger, and I left a lovely jolly message saying how it was my first visit and that X had recommended it, and something about how much I liked the look of the site etc. And the person didn’t reply to my comment – she had two other comments on that post, and she replied to both of those (and it was obvious they were people she knew from their exchange). You’d think when I said it was my first visit she’d want to make me feel welcome! I gave her the benefit of the doubt though thinking she might have missed my comment, and then on one of her next posts I left another comment, still no reply. So I didn’t bother after that. It’s like some people don’t want new followers isn’t it!


      • I’ll grant you the informed decision, but I still don’t like it.
        As for the other, rude is too nice a word for that behaviour.


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