Checking out the US and Canada..

is it ironic that my first trip outside of Aus is with Virgin..?

is it ironic that my first trip outside of Aus is with Virgin..?

leg 1 - Aus to USA

The start of a whirlwind trip – I still can’t believe it!

Having a great week!

16 responses to “Checking out the US and Canada..

  1. Woohoo!! Fantastic! So excited for you. When do you leave?


    • It’s finally happening! I’m not going til October, (my milestone counter is on the right hand side). Any hints of surviving LAX? I’ve checked out the map and that alone scares me. The rest of the trip will be a breeze.


      • Ha! Don’t worry about the size of LAX, it’s well compartmentalised. Get off the plane, follow the crowd, wait in a huuuuuuge line for about an hour to get through customs. Get on your connecting flight – these are generally pretty easy to find, and if you get stuck ask someone in a uniform 🙂


      • And they speak English, so everything will be understandable. Thanks Megan, that’s probably where our trip similarities end.


  2. Enjoy every minute!


  3. Have a nice trip. My wife is the world traveler. She loves it.

    Have a good day,



  4. Wow, have a wonderful trip!! How exciting. Enjoy!


  5. Oh this is cool! Tell me more, please!


    • Ahh, where to start. It was meant to be last year for my fortieth, but better late than never I guess. I have a friend in Oregon who visited me two years ago and now it’s my turn. I have another friend (whom I met in Mt Isa, who moved home to the US) in Arizona I’ll be spending a weekend with – hello Grand Canyon! –
      My Oregonian friend and I are hopefully going to pop over the border and check out Canada as they live only a few hours away anyway, and then there’s Seattle. So many things and definely not enough time, but an adventure anyway.
      Did I mention it will be All. On. My. Own!!


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