Ice skating – our annual trip

I live in Australia. And for those that may not realise we are not so much the winter sports country. Summer sports, not a worry, most kids grow up knowing everything about all sports. Skiing, skating, snowboarding etc, not so much.
Sure we have those athletes, after all we do participate in the Winter Olympics, but it’s not our national pastime.
I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been skating.  And my kids, less so, but not by much.
So how do we fare getting about on thin pieces of metal on the cold hard stuff. Yeah, let’s say the less said the better. By the time our time is up we are getting the hang of it, except one of us. Our second son, mr 15, who was mr 10/11 when we first went is a natural. I could say more, but no, he is simply naturally good at it.
There were several girls doing twirls and the like and I joked about him learning that, he responds with this.speed skating

The rest of us are a something more like this skating scared

I know my limits enough, that although wanting to do more I would end up looking like this

My only plan was to not fall over, at least not from my own incompetence.  And it worked for the most part.  I fell once, which then zapped what little confidence I had and I stepped off shortly after.



3 responses to “Ice skating – our annual trip

  1. I’m definitely not too good at it!


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