School bake day


Yesterday I was informed that in today’s cooking class Mr 15 would be making chocolate cake and needed a container to bring it home in.
And not just any chocolate cake, this one had apple in it. Cool.

And this is what arrived at around 3.30 this afternoon.
The apple and cinnamon give it an almost gingerbready Β taste. Β It’s more like an apple pie with cake instead of pastry, and very tasty. I’ve requested told him that I need the recipe, please.
This is definitely one I will make for a dessert cake any time. Add custard and/or ice cream and I’m we’re set.

Til then, I’ll be waiting patiently.
Jen πŸ™‚

5 responses to “School bake day

  1. Now that does seem good. I do hope you’ll get the recipe soon. And I like your new profile pic.


  2. I’d like the recipe too please. πŸ™‚


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