Alfresco Saturday – it’s baking day

Beautiful day at home,
Gorgeous sunny summer’s day.
Mr 14 is now Mr 15
So I’m baking a cake –
And hubby has decided to make something too…
Be worried, be very worried.
(Just kidding, he’s not all bad with cakes)


20 responses to “Alfresco Saturday – it’s baking day

  1. How the time has passed. Mr. 15 was Mr. 13 when i first read your blog. Please pass along my belated happy birthday
    greetings and best wishes.


  2. Happy Birthday Mr 15! I had to smile at the thought of you baking cakes in the kitchen. Yesterday Melbourne just baked, everywhere. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been dreaming of cool, autumn nights with the smell of pumpkin soup and triple choc chocolate biscuits fresh from the oven.:D


  3. πŸ˜† Wish Mr 15 a happy birthday from the professor! What kind of cake are you cooking up?


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