Beetroot – nothing beets it

This is my father’s garden, and just like his father before, it is amazing.

He has the green thumb I’ve never been able to find.

The garden gate here reminds me of books about Peter Rabbit

Nothing beats veges freshly dug and ready to cook and eat.

Love beetroot!!

How do like your beets, do you like them at all?

17 responses to “Beetroot – nothing beets it

  1. Nice beets, baby!
    Sorry, couldn’t resist.


  2. I wish my veg garden was as big and green as that! What’s his secret?


  3. Lovely photos, Jen! I never had fresh beets until I was almost 40 — and what a difference that was! I am a convert.


    • They are pretty cool, the garden was a lot bigger, but then again my grandfather had nothing else he did. Dad has too many things on the go (no complaining, at least he’s busy). There’s nothing like fresh veges.


  4. Wow! Nice garden, for sure. I like beets lots. Never had them fresh though. Is there a big difference?


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