A writer’s dilemma

I have a friend in my head. Not an invisible or make believe friend. Someone who likes to come out and play sometimes. She can be fun or not. She often thinks and does things I would not. She loves to write. And you should see the things she writes about. Or maybe not. they’re not very nice.

I wrote this particular thought as it came to me earlier in the week, and the concept got me thinking.

You’re a writer. Or you simply just like to write. You want to be published. Or not. You write on all sorts of topics, some things are never published, but written to get them out of your head. Some things you want to publish but aren’t sure where, or how.
Putting thoughts out there, but without the stigma, or judgement means just one thing.
Alias. Pen name. Pseudonym.

The freedom to do what you want without worrying about anyone knowing who you are. Interesting concept.
I looked around and found this site about the usage of and picking your pen name. Gave me a wicked idea.

Here is a portion from the text I found.

Here are 10 questions to consider as you decide whether or not to write under a pseudonym:

1. How comfortable are you with having your real name splashed all over the Internet, especially if your writing is being savaged in a blog post or book review?

2. Are you likely to attract more readers in your fiction genre if you’re writing novels as a male or a female?

3. Would your name be easier to remember, pronounce, or spell if it was more generic?

4. Is your real name so common that it could be easily confused with the name of someone else (for instance, a highly publicized white collar criminal or another author in your fiction genre?)

5. Would you prefer to err on the side of caution, protecting your loved ones from your followers or from any future career fall-out that you may suffer?

6. How comfortable are you with the idea that fans and detractors may be able to find you in the phone book and show up at your house or your place of business?

7. Is your preferred pseudonym easy to spell and remember?

8. Does your real name invoke a positive association with the fiction genre that you’re writing? (For instance, if your birth name is Cherry Clapp, you may face hurdles in the Romance genre.)

9. Are you planning to write multiple fiction genres?

10. Where is your preferred pseudonym likely to be shelved? (At the bottom of a book store’s stacks? Near the name of a bestselling author in your fiction genre?)

(The rest of the site is right here)

So my writer friends, what are you thoughts. Have you considered this option, do you already do this?

6 responses to “A writer’s dilemma

  1. The professor does, I think.


  2. I love being Robert hookey, the writer also known as The Hook.
    No identity crisis here.


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