Do I need, or even want a new theme?

Day 5 of the challenge is about looking at our theme, likening it to our house. We have to love it, live in it and be happy.
Well I am happy with this one. I might have a squiz, but I really find this one works.
I did do a New Years change of theme for two of my other blogs, and played with the colour on the other one. I now have two blogs with the same theme but differing colours. And one theme that went from one blog to another, and suits the new one just fine, even better if I do say so.
So while I don’t want to change it, you may rock up one day and find I have done some renovations, and then it’s all back to normal the next time. Don’t worry, I’m still here blathering on, dreaming big and definitely not being bored.
Jen 🙂

And so you don’t have to look at my old mug, I’ll post up a picture of something better. Something a little out of the ordinary.



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