Who am I, why am I here?

Sorry, this is not some in depth analytical post. It’s simply day 1 of the 30 days to a better blog challenge by WordPress.
It’s about my blog.
Ok, who I? I’m a just turned 40, wife, mother of boys and generally stay at home mum. We have lived in several different place int he wide country of ours and have driven most of it, visiting some pretty cool places along the way. I have been in and out of work since I left school – sounds a bit drastic doesn’t it? What that means is, between staying at home and raising kids and then moving house more than once I’ve been in paid employment. Hospitality, merchandising and now Post Office work. My other job is working on my crafty endeavours and attending markets to sell my pieces.
What will I write about – or continue writing about – the same old stuff, what’s going on in my little piece of paradise at the bottom of the world, along with plenty of photos thrown in to the mix.
While not stupid, or blonde, I tend to not write about in depth or be too analytical. There is so much of that going on already it gets a bit much. I try to shine a little positive light on things. There will be darker days when I have to share that side, but they are few and far between.

If any of that rows your boat, then, please, come along for the ride. I’m going to be brave and link back to my very first post and see how tings have changed. I know my writing style has improved (for the most part) as I am more comfortable with what I’m doing here.
Let’s see what happened several years ago…here
Wow, I just rocked straight into it, no introduction at all. Well that’s just rude. And the link in that post doesn’t work anymore as that page has been deleted.
I think that will do for now,lots of reading for you should you choose to accept it.
See you tomorrow 🙂

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