And so the new year begins….

Yesterday’s post, was posted in haste. And thinking back, I daren’t read it again, it was rather negative, despite something totally exciting that happened minutes earlier.
So here is something a little more positive, because when all is said and done, it was a good year, and lots of amazing things happened.

– hubby and I took a weekend away to somewhere we haven’t been, and had a ball.
– I turned 40! and was completely spoilt by hubby and kids, family and friends.
– I made some awesome new friends and found out this is where I belong. I found that something special and I love it.
– my eldest got his first girlfriend (still going strong) and also has his drivers licence.
– I let the inner bikie chick out and am now officially hooked.
– started on an amazing journey through the tangled mess of Market management and made a great friend in the process.
– went from knowing absolutely nothing in my very casual job to knowing quite a bit and being confident in my competence in the process.
– and at the eleventh hour on NYE had an amazing thing happen (which will be revealed all in good time. believe me, I hate not being able to tell, but wait I must, and no I am not pregnant) which is mega exciting to me, maybe not everyone else.
– and most of all, watched my kids grow a little more into mature and responsible (for the most part) people.

This year is going to be big.
My kids turn (in order of birthdays) 15, 10 and 18.
Hubby is progressing in big ways with his work.
My craft will be taking a new turn – I really need to settle on one thing, but I love trying out new things – and taking a step up.
And because my hubby is so awesome, I am doing something amazing!!

Have a great new year, may all your dreams come true – if not, I hope you can work your way closer to them – and keep close to those that make you feel good.
Jen šŸ™‚

Embrace the new, and kick out the old,
Follow the path, for it leads in many directions,
choose your destination, the sky is the limit.



7 responses to “And so the new year begins….

  1. You’ve been hooked?
    Good fro you, Jennifer!


  2. Jen lol I love it! yesterday you write, “The year was shit!” today you write “it was a good year”…sounds like the same way my own mind works..i’m all over the place….I hadn’t realized you turned 40 last year, if you had written about it I simply forgot. did age 40 have anything to do with the ‘the year was shit’ post? I’m still four years away from forty but the closer I get it doesn’t really seem like that big a deal….is it?


    • Yup, that’s my head most of the time. I had been planning that post for a few days, and then when the time came, what happened just happened. I read some other posts and realised mine was shit, so wrote a part two. My birthday did not contribute to the shitty factor, far from it.
      Turning forty. It’s no more of a big deal than any of the other milestones, 18 and 21, other 0 birthdays. It’s what you make it.
      I did write a few things about but without the huge fanfare I spose. There was a picture post on my other blog about what my friends gave me. Now that was worth turning 40 for!
      I’m all for celebrating each year as they come and making it a big one every ten. In special ways, a massive holiday, a special something else… Just my thoughts.


  3. I love your list. I would love to try riding a bike someday šŸ™‚


  4. It’s a good picture and part of the reason I like it is because I can see you put some effort and thought into the shot.


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