The ultimate pasta dish.

I learnt something the other day, well I tend to learn something new every day. One of my mantras, and not a bad one either. It’s so easy really. I digress, again, always.
We love our pasta here, in all shapes and sizes, with all manner of sauces (well, probably only four or five if I’m going to be honest) and I vaguely remembered it the other day when I went to make dinner. This may seem old news to some of you, but I a actually don’t make plain pasta dishes very often. Mac ‘n’ cheese is probably the most basic I make.
I started off with ham off the none, thick cut slices and thought I’d make a carbonara. Easy enough. Ham, cream, egg and the usual garlic/onion/pepper suspects. Midway through cooking the spaghetti I remembered the recipe I read some time ago.
the best Alfredo sauce. Now of course, most Italians have no idea about this sauce, they give it other names altogether, but the Americans, English and Australians love it.
I just went looking and although I couldn’t find the exact site this one is good enough.

What I ended up doing was frying the ham and some spring onions, then adding the spaghetti with a little of the cooking water.
A huge glob (or two) of butter went in along with the same of proper Parmesan cheese (not that powdered stuff) and stirred it all together. I did use a small glop of cream, just a little, nothing in comparison to the butter and cheese though.
My verdict? Divine. Mouth watering. Indulgent and heart attack food, but totally worth it.


What is your favourite pasta sauce?


9 responses to “The ultimate pasta dish.

  1. Looks amazing… I must try… I am a horrible cook and shhh let me tell ya a secret 🙂 I am 1/2 Italian and can’t boil water !! No joke ! My husband is the cook in our household. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to following you. Have a beautiful day!


    • Thanks for checking me out.. ;-/ I love cooking but don’t do get time to indulge the way I’d like to. You should get your husband to try this one. Incredible!! And a beautiful but scorching not day it is too 🙂


  2. Mmm. Looks good! I love pasta with every sauce.


  3. I LOVE making pasta sauces and I’m kinda a crazy cook cuz everything I make has to be entirely homemade…..a few years ago I got obsessed with all the Chef Ramsay shows and now I make meals every day from scratch lol…..

    so there are too many favorite sauces to list so here’s one, its kinda my take on a creamy alfredo sauce….but I can’t give you amounts cuz I sorta just throw it all in as I go,

    stick of butter
    ricotta cheese
    sometimes cream cheese (I use this to cheat so I don’t have to have to use so much of the expensive cheese)
    goat cheese or asiago
    salt & pepper
    sometimes i use fresh tomatoes that I blend (this kinda moves it away from being an alfredo sauce but I love the color that the tomatoes give my crème sauces)
    freshly picked basil or oregano (depends on my mood) Its amazing the difference between using fresh basil versus basil in a jar; its such a radical difference that it annoys me when I have to use the jar stuff

    I’m vegetarian so no meat unfortunately……I usually throw a bunch of mushrooms in it…..

    the only problem is that I’m somewhat lactose intolerant and I can only eat small portions of the crème sauces I make


    • I shouldn’t laugh, but really, that’s funny, lactose intolerant and you love the creamy sauce.

      Love Gordon Ramsay!!

      Entirely homemade is amazing, and good on you, but sometimes not possible. Fresh pasta is pretty good though.
      That’s sauce sounds really good, even with the mushrooms in it.


      • I didn’t use to have as much of a problem when I was younger but it gets worse every year…..yea I’m a total nut; I work all day then come home and spend an hour or two in the kitchen making dinner….because of Gordon Ramsay I haven’t used my freezer in three years; I stop by the grocer on th way home every evening to pick up fresh vegetables and whatever meat (my kids aren’t vegetarians) I’m gonna use…..


      • Wow, sounds like my perfect way to do things. Super fresh every day.


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