Kanji names

At the market today we had the pleasure of this gentleman who wrote your name, or whatever word you wanted, in Kanji.
So quick, precise and neat. Right as you wait.
It was all free, but his donation container was overflowing. And not just with coins.
I got all our names done.
Lance and Jennifer

Ryan, Kyle and Theo

And the Merry Christmas he gave to everyone.

Ive decided to get it framed with a family photo.

Jennifer πŸ™‚

12 responses to “Kanji names

  1. Absolutely gorgeous.
    Nicely done, Jennifer.


  2. people who can write like that always produce two feelings in me; 1) amazement, it is so cool, 2) anger, I get pissed off that I am too lazy to teach myself to draw that well! πŸ™‚


    • I agree, to a point. Amazement, joy sure. But anger. If you’ve met this guy, anger would not even cross your mind. I never feel anger at the skills someone else has. Jealousy maybe, but as a crafty person I know my limitations and what I’m patient enough to do. I love that people have the patience and skills to do this, so us mere mortals can enjoy their beautiful work.
      He is Japanese, so it would be an almost natural skill to him.


    • I wasn’t stereotyping him. Just that some people have an affinity with certain skills. I have never seen a causcasian person write with the amount of skill and ease that he did. It was simply poetic.


  3. His caligraphy is beautiful! Those names are works of art. You are so lucky. I wish he’d come to Melbourne too! Merry Christmas. πŸ™‚


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