Alfresco Sa… wait there, what day is it again?

That about sums it up right now. I’ve been so busy this week, I’ve missed a few of my regular posts. Saturday I thought of it, did something else then forgot completely. Sunday I didn’t get a break from 6am to about 10pm when I finally fell into bed. By the way – our market went off with a BANG!! It was a rip snorter. We opened up at 7 and until 4 when we left it was busy. Full hall, loads of people and colour – we did it! While I tell myself “you’ve done everything you need to, it will all come together” it’s easier to say than do, and I was freaking a little. I shouldn’t have worried, we were over run with people.
I also had some asking me for application forms…eek. It’s gonna be fun the next few weeks sorting through who’s coming and where we’re going to put them.

Hubby and I went out this morning and I can tell you, I haven’t fully relaxed for days, and that coffee was just the thing I needed.
If you’re interested in what I’m talking about, head over here to our market page. I started it last year purely as a blog for the market, a blurb and pictures of what went on. Now, it’s evolved into a one stop shop (a few things need tweaking).

I’ll get back to my regular nonsense soon enough. In the meantime I’ll finish this coffee and get ready for dinner.

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