“The race that stops a nation”

It’s all about the drinks

And the food


All that gorgeous food


And a splash of colour in my outfit


Good friends, good times.
The Melbourne Cup. Our most famous horse race. And it does indeed stop the nation. Melbourne has a public holiday, and pretty well everywhere else stops for a piece of the action mid afternoon.
Aside from the horses, it’s all about frocking up and what you have in your hair! Fashions on the field are almost a bigger attraction that’ll the race itself.
A group of us a lovely few hours of drink, nibbles and laughter.
By the time I had decided on my outfit, all fascinators had been sold – the ones I was looking at – so had to make an impromptu one which ended up looking like a rosette – the one downfall to having boys and short hair, there is no girly head wear in the house to borrow.

Jennifer šŸ™‚

– I will eventually get around to posting about out little day trip on Saturday –

3 responses to ““The race that stops a nation”

  1. Well done, Jennifer – on all fronts!


  2. The professor must attend this race some day. Looks incredibly fun, for sure. Your uniform did look colorful. The professor does hope you find that elusive red hat…


    • I’m not really a hat person, unless is a cap. And thank you, I felt suitably dressed for the occasion. I’d want to attend Flemington (where the race is run) just once, but would rather smaller gatherings like what we had.


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