Alfresco Saturday – busy busy


11.30, Kingston Maccas,
(Keeping an eye on eldest at work over there….)
Ran my errands,
No, still running errands.
Coffee, take 2.
Nearly home time.
A beautiful 20+C day.

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11 responses to “Alfresco Saturday – busy busy

  1. I think I need to be admitted….I see your pic of the coffee and I have to click on the photo….god i’m addicted πŸ˜‰


  2. I feel your pain, Jennifer.
    Its 8:41 pm here in Niagara and I’m working on the second book (finally!), but my labors must come to an end, as the family requires my attention.
    Be well, my creatively-gifted friend.


  3. Okay, even the professor will admit it–the drink looks really good!


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