A new way with words

I’ve noticed these last few weeks, since I started my 365 day photo challenge that I am getting better at saying more with less words.
Each photo is accompanied by up to 6 sentences of brief description. Just enough information to tell you a bit about my day, or what I was thinking. Some posts have been hard, some are a lot easier. That’s life though. Good days, bad days, and everything in between.
It’s been an interesting journey so far. Condensing my thoughts and feelings into such a small space. My photos may or may not get better (these posts are usually done with the phone which does most of the work) but I know that my words, writing style and maybe even eloquence will definitely be much improved by the end of the challenge.
When talking I often have either verbal diarrhoea, am completely tongue tied and nothing comes out right or have nothing at all to say.
Or they are all tied together – the first one is often paired with an over excitement that I’ve recently been told can be a bit much and in your face. And then the tongue tied comes in as the mouth cannot keep up with the brain. Which in turn leads to clamming up and not wanting to talk at all.
This is a huge difference to when I was a teenager and beyond. I had to grow into my voice. I wouldn’t talk to a fly, sure I could do all the things I needed to, but in groups, or meeting new people I was super shy. And bugger me if I can remember who it was that let the cat out of the bag, or voice out of the box….


Discarded from play,
Left alone in pursuit of more excitement.

Jen 🙂

6 responses to “A new way with words

  1. This looks like a fun blog. I’ll keep checking.


  2. Your voice is perfect. ,, and the pictures are good too!


  3. I love your “voice”. what a super photo!


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